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The Best Dorm-Friendly Workout Equipment

The Best Dorm-Friendly Workout Equipment

As August approaches, I am gearing up to get ready for college and go back-to-school shopping. With college comes the stress of a busy schedule, academics, and extracurriculars; however, college taught me I don’t have to sacrifice my well-being and fitness for academics. While the gym is an excellent option for many, bringing your own workout equipment provides extra time in your schedule and the ability to complete workouts independently. 

The importance of developing good exercise habits in college not only influences students’ physical activity patterns in college but also the future. A study by NYU found that students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher are three times more likely to exercise than those with lower grades. The same study found that up to 85% of adults continue the same physical activity patterns established during their senior year of college. Working out in college sets students up with a solid foundation to earn good grades and maintain healthy habits throughout their lives. 

The best workout equipment I recommend bringing is stackable weights. PowerBlock’s Adjustable Dumbells provide various series to cater to any experience level. The weights’ stackability makes them easy to store in limited dorm space. Access to a range of weights also creates opportunities to use them for various workouts and leaves space for progression.

For those who prefer cardio to weightlifting Daiwa Felicity’s Compact Cycle Bike is the perfect investment. Especially great for busy students without a minute to spare, the Compact Cycle Bike fits underneath desks, so you can get in a workout and catch up on assignments. 

The Best Dorm-Friendly Workout Equipment

Assignments quickly add up, which makes it easy to forget about the workout you planned. Apple Watches hold users accountable by tracking movements and sending reminders on fitness goals. It displays three rings, which show how close you are to your stand, move, and exercise goal. 

Completing a strenuous workout and also spending the day hunched over a desk creates a foolproof formula for a sore back. However, it doesn’t have to be. Theragun’s Mini Percussive Therapy Device perfectly suits college students. Its small size makes it easy to store away, and its quietness prevents any annoyed roommates or neighbors. 

Theragun’s Mini Percussive Therapy Device

Don’t leave back-to-school shopping till the last minute. Set yourself up for a year and lifetime of success with workout equipment ideal for those with a crammed schedule – and dorm room.