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Boost Profits and Productivity: Innovative Wellness Tech

Boost Profits and Productivity: Innovative Wellness Tech

The growing demand for mental health support during COVID-19 pushed the boundaries of digital health technology. Public health crises exacerbate the shortcomings of mental health care systems. While necessary to slow the effects of COVID-19, social distancing led to isolation, lack of exercise, and increased rumination for some. In addition to social distancing’s harmful impact on wellbeing, the constant stream of disheartening news and added financial stresses led to an increase in mental illness, which demonstrated the need for more support systems, like technology, to bear the weight of our existing mental health system’s inefficiencies. 

Since the start of COVID-19, 42% of employees reported a decline in mental health. The country’s declining mental health hurts not only the well-being of employees but also businesses and the economy. The World Health Organization estimates that depression, anxiety disorders, and other conditions cost the global economy $1 Trillion per year in lost productivity. Luckily, studies suggest that wellness programs can improve employee performance, mental health, and self-efficacy.

Digital Solutions

Mental health remains very stigmatized. Digital mental-health solutions, however, provide anonymity that encourages people to seek health without social repercussions. Additionally, it provides opportunities for people to receive help early. 

Boost Profits and Productivity: Innovative Wellness Tech

Retailers and companies, in general, can empower their employees with a host of technological offerings. One popular solution is mental health apps. FlourishDX’s app features a character strength survey, so users can narrow down their strengths to leverage in their work and personal lives. Catering to businesses gives employers tools to support positive mental health outcomes for their employees. Additionally, it delivers training resources and gathers data, so employers can determine how their employees need support. Other popular apps, like Calm, Talkspace, Headspace, and Ginger, make special services for businesses.

Wearables, like Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch, and Fitbit, track your heart rate and offer breathing features, which remind users to take a moment for themselves amidst their work. 

Companies don’t need to sacrifice the well-being of their business and employees. Instead, companies should utilize the range of mental wellness technology available to embolden employees, raise productivity, and demonstrate their care for everyone at play in their companies’ success