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Nationwide Marketing Group Partners with Myriad Software

Nationwide Marketing Group Myriad Software

In order to meet the demands of the modern consumer, who, above all, values expediency, retailers must provide quick yet well-organized service to match the customer with the most fitting product. For home-furnishing retailers, whose operations usually require a wealth of space to operate, keeping organized can provide a larger challenge.

Recognizing these challenges facing retailers, Nationwide Marketing Group added another tool into its diverse resource belt announcing its partnership with Myriad Software on June 29. This point of sale deal gives Nationwide dealers access to group-negotiated pricing for Myriad’s PointCentric platform, which helps retailers to track inventory via an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly system. Myriad Software’s PointCentric platform helps to digitize inventory allowing home-furnishing retailers to provide simple yet efficient customer service. 

Just the latest in Myriad Software’s long line of retail management systems for home-furnishing retailers, PointCentric provides complete insights into inventory both on the floor and in the warehouse. This inventory tracking system operates through an easy-to-use browser-based, and mobile-compatible interface, allowing employees to provide quick and accurate customer service. Moreover, the PointCentric platform is cloud-based allowing changes to be synced and backed up immediately to all devices in real-time. 

Myriad Software’s PointCentric software will be integrated into Nationwide’s pre-existing PriMetrix platform which currently gives members access to in-depth analysis on local markets, point-of-sale data, and sell-in and sell-thru data to help optimize appliance assortments for maximizing revenue and profit.

Nationwide’s Steve Mahler, Director of Point of Sale, says, “It’s also a major development for our PriMetrix platform. By integrating Myriad’s platform directly into our suite of data-driven tools, we’ll be able to provide even more accurate home furnishings market analysis, SKU performance, and data analytics to our members.”

For more information, or to schedule a demo with Myriad Software, Nationwide dealers can contact Dana Helms at sales@myriadsoftware.com.