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Einova’s Updated Charging Stations Will be Available in Spring 2023

On Tuesday Jan. 3, Einova, a leading charging and accessories brand, introduced attendees of the 2023 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) to their new wireless Charging Stone Xylo and Charging Stone Lamp Nox. 

After a successful run with the first generation of charging stones, the company listed updated features of the items such as: 

  • Premium natural materials – wood, metal, and marble stone 
  • 15-Watt fast charge Qi 1.3 technology  
  • One charging spot with proprietary algorithms to regulate devices’ internal temperature during charge  
  • Universally compatible with all Qi-enabled devices, including smartphones, wireless earbuds, as well as with MagSafe™ standard  
  • Ergonomic design with a prominence on the top of the stone that ensures perfect alignment and avoids any interference of bulky protruding cameras 
  • A 30-Watt USB-C wall power adapter with foldable prongs 
  • Einova signature 6ft detachable flat USB-C to USB-C cable 
  • The Charging Stone Lamp Nox also includes LED Light with two brightness intensities and touch-sensitive controls 

The natural color tones of Einova’s charging products should sell well for the company.

Einova Creative Director Camilla Bettinelli said, “Our mission is to unite the best in charging technology with modern Italian design. It’s our attention to detail and combination of elegant marble and a colorful base that makes Xylo and Nox classic yet modern pieces of art,” about the new and improved gadgets. She continued, “Our technical updates and patented Qi-certified fast wireless charging technology makes the Xylo and Nox the industry’s fastest, most efficient, and most aesthetically pleasing charging solutions.” 

Both items will be available in Black or White in Spring 2023. The Charging Stone Xylo is priced at $119.99, while the Charging Stone Lamp Nox will also be available in Golden-Spider Marble for $149.99.