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The Best of CES Unveiled

CES 2023 has begun in Las Vegas with media previews, including the exclusive CES Unveiled. While the biggest technology show in North America officially opens Thursday, media were able to get up close with some of the hottest products showing this year. Here were some of our top picks.

Schneider Home

Schneider Electric, who works to lead a digital transformation of energy management and automation, has unveiled Schneider Home. Schneider Home is a unique home energy management solution for homeowners seeking savings, comfort and energy independence. This solution includes the full package for homeowners looking for a DIY solution: a home battery for clean energy storage, a smart electrical panel, a high-power solar inverter, an electric vehicle charger and connected electric sockets and light switches. All of these are controlled by the Schneider Home energy app. This solution also allows homeowners to save by enrolling in utility programs and to quality for tax incentives.

Canon’s ImagePROGRAF TC-20 Desktop Printer

The large-format imagePROGRAF TC-20 desktop printer from Canon that can handle single-page printouts of up to 23.4 inches by 33.1 inches and is aimed at office, hospitality and education markets. It is being touted as a compact printer, since it can fit easily onto a desk or shelf. The printer features new 70-milliliter pigment ink bottles in four colors; Canon designed the ink bottles in different shapes to make refilling easier. This is also a mechanism in place that helps prevent ink spills.

The Np93 Mouse from Lexip

The Lexip Np93 Alpha is a gaming mouse equipped with a thumb joystick with two axis and +/- 30 degrees of tilt in all directions. Placed at the thumb area and handily accessible, its reactivity allows players to increase the amount of action they can do in a short time. The Np93 Alpha comes with an in-real time DPI change software to increase skill and fun, and includes six ceramic glide feet that increase performance through better accuracy and speed. The reduced friction on all surfaces decreases efforts and contributes to resting wrists during long computing sessions, and there are weight adjusters to fit all gaming types.

Prinker’s Digital Temporary Tattoo Device

Marketing executives everywhere will celebrate this product, which makes it simple and easy to create and apply temporary tattoos. Prinker is a hand-held portable digital temporary tattoo device that allows users to create a apply water resistant, but soap washable custom temporary tattoos in full color — using cosmetic ink — within seconds. The solution includes a compact device, which is Android and iOS compatible, a content platform and and skin primer. Our editors tried it out themselves and were impressed how the tattoo seemed to magically slide on our skin.

Bosch’s RideCare Companion

The RideCare companion is a comprehensive solution specifically designed for ridesharing and to enhance the safety for riders and drivers. It is enabled by a connected camera and a wireless SOS button, and when necessary, Bosch agents can view inside the vehicle and provide live remote assistance. All videos are documented with the location and a timestamp and can be used as proof in case of disputes, providing reliable data to clear up any misunderstandings. The Safety Call allows drivers to directly speak with a trained Bosch agent from the driver portal.

Moen Smart Sprinkler Controller

Moen’s Smart Sprinkler Controller and Smart Wireless Soil Sensors work with an app to allow users to create custom watering schedules and control each zone independently so they can easily manage how much water each zone receives. They also can make seasonal adjustments, enable the weather-skip feature that automatically disables watering based on local weather data, and monitor both water usage and estimated savings. Unlike other soil sensors that require buried cables throughout the lawn, these sensors are simply inserted flush into the ground and then measure the soil moisture and temperature levels to determine if it is above or below the set thresholds.

Neutrogena’s SkinStacks

The health and cosmetic company has been known for its face washes and lotions for years, but now is promising better skin through a 3D printed, customized vitamin. The custom Skinstacks skin-nutrient gummies — a joint effort between Neutrogena and supplement creator, Nourished — are created first by scanning the users face. Then a 3D printer will produce chewable gummies to nourish the skin. The supplements, which are vegan, sugar-free and come in plastic free packaging, cost $50 for a 28-day supply.  

Lutron’s Diva Smart Dimmer

Lutron Electronics has announced the availability of the Diva smart dimmer in six colors — and a new Claro accessory smart switch — to the Caséta portfolio of products. The Diva smart dimmer combines the look and simple experience of the Lutron Diva design with the Caséta smart advantage. Diva smart dimmers also match paddle-style dimmers and switches, and work with existing wiring to expand the opportunity for smart lighting in any home. There are also six color options to choose from, including white, black, brown, gray, light almond and ivory. The Claro smart accessory switch gives homeowners and lighting professionals another option for adding wired, three-way or multi-location control in up to 10 additional locations.

SkyPlug Smart

SkyPlug Smart from SKYX Platforms is a smart lighting base that enables easy and safe plug & play installation of light fixtures and ceiling fans to the ceiling quickly and safely. SkyPlug Smart transforms any light fixture or ceiling fan into a smart product, with multiple features controlled by a proprietary SkyHome App. SkyPlug Smart offers app control, voice control, scheduling, eco/energy saving mode, dimming, color changing room ambiance/ night light as well as an emergency light, and more — all controlled by the app. It integrates with Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Samsung Smart Things, Cortana and Matter.