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Samsung at CES 2023 with Lydia Cho

CES is always filled with innovation and we’re excited to see what companies have planned for this year. We had the honor to interview Lydia Cho, Head of Product Marketing, TV, and Samsung Electronics about the new products Samsung had in store for CES 2023.

Dealerscope: What is the most innovative Samsung product that will be displayed at CES?

Lydia Cho: We’re pretty excited that we’ve applied the concept of innovation to the entire 2023 Samsung TV portfolio. Of course, there are exciting individual products in our Neo QLED 8K and 4K lines, and our Samsung OLED and Lifestyle lines that are the peak of innovation, but when combined, the true innovation is around being able to offer the broadest, yet most customizable options to fit the consumers taste.

If you’re looking for the most lifelike, high-resolution images regardless of the source, we offer Neo QLED 8K. Stunning visual and ultra-deep black levels? Samsung OLED, with a massive new 77” model shipping early this year. The perfect viewing experience in any room and under any lighting conditions? Neo QLED 4K.

Can you explain what Samsungs Gaming Hub is and how it makes gaming more accessible?

LC: The Gaming Hub is useful for people who don’t own a console because they can play, pause, and pick up exactly where they left off from 1,000+ cloud-based games. For those who do own an Xbox or PlayStation, it can simply be connected to one of our TVs’ HDMI 2.1 ports, and Gaming Hub will automatically recognize the console, and let users dive right into the game. Gaming Hub even makes suggestions based on the games you play.

Last year, we were the first to partner with gaming leaders like Xbox, Amazon Luna, NVIDIA GeForce Now (now in 4K), and Utomik – and this year, we will expand with Antsream, Blacknut, and more coming soon. Gaming Hub is the go-to platform for gaming. In addition to the access Gaming Hub allows, our TVs are designed to provide the best performance while you play – with the lowest input lag, 4K definition, and up to 144Hz refresh rate for ultra-smooth gameplay.

Will the Samsung Freestyle Projector have any new models or updates?

LC: While keeping the same light form factor, for this year we’ve reimagined what more the Freestyle can do and how big it can go. The 2023 Freestyle is adding Gaming Hub without the need for a console. Imagine being able to play your favorite games on the side of your tent, or garage anytime. Now with our new patented edge blending technology, this year you can pair multiple Freestyles that will project next to each other and blend the edges to provide for a single, massive viewing area – automatically.

What new updates have been made to Samsungs Frame and OLED TVs? 

LC: A key factor in the success of the Frame has always been personalization. Whether it’s the art on the screen when it’s off, or the bezel we choose to blend it with our décor. This year we will be making new, metal frames and more realistic wood-finished frames available to personalize the look of the Frame. We wanted to give consumers more freedom when displaying their Frame TV so we added a new rotating mount that allows for the art to be displayed in landscape and portrait mode. Lastly, the Art Store will let you customize the screen to your taste with over 2,500 pieces curated by world-class galleries. We have partnered with the world’s leading NFT marketplaces to provide a diverse selection of carefully curated NFTs. We have a new UI that features events promoted by Samsung partners and features work from more than 1,000 artists.

For Samsung OLED, our lineup will continue to retain OLED technology’s core strengths while vastly improving on its weaknesses thanks to the combination of Quantum dot technology and our Neural Quantum Processors. Furthering the superior color representation and accuracy, all Samsung OLED models feature Pantone Validated color with the brightness of Quantum dots. On the gaming side, all Samsung OLEDs will feature the Gaming Hub with a 144Hz refresh rate and AMD’s FreeSync Premium Pro certification. And despite its ultra-slim panel design, Samsung OLED features multiple speakers that, when paired with our proprietary Object Tracking Sound and Dolby Atmos, make for a three-dimensional soundscape.

What features do you think consumers would be most excited about at CES? 

LC: At Samsung, we continue to be inspired by the innovation around sustainability and accessibility features. Regarding the latter, one we’re particularly excited about is Relumino Mode. Derived from Latin and roughly translated to “return the light,” this technology enables televisions to use Samsung-developed AI to dynamically outline the edges of on-screen elements and rebalance colors – enabling virtually anyone to better see people, objects, and text. It’s the first technology that empowers people with low vision to enjoy their favorite shows, movies, and games without needing wearable hardware.

Are there any new features in Samsung’s TVs that could elevate consumers’ streaming/ viewing experience? 

LC: In addition to Gaming Hub and Relumino Mode, we have several new features that will elevate your viewing experience including Health Monitor, and Chat Together. Health Monitor – our first TV-based health monitoring service – offers you the ability to monitor your health without invasive physical diagnostics. Samsung’s analysis measures five key vital signs – heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, and stress index – all from your couch.

How does the new telehealth feature on Samsung TVs work?

LC: Telemedicine became a lifesaving technology in 2020 and as demand for telemedicine services grows, TeleHealth in Samsung TV innovates a seamless solution for receiving medical care at home. Samsung Telemedicine is a new application developed specifically for our smart TVs and engineered to make big-screen telemedicine appointments accessible for those seeking at-home medical care. You just simply select from a list of symptoms and indicate how long they’ve been present, and the app will show relevant available doctors. Within 60 seconds you can be connected to a doctor, then conduct an exam through video conferencing via the app and with devices such as a Samsung Galaxy Watch. Once the exam is complete, you can rate your experience, schedule a follow-up, or fill a prescription remotely and have it delivered directly to your doorstep all via the on-screen app.

Can you tell us anything else about what Samsung has planned for CES?  

LC: We’re also really excited about our latest breakthroughs in audio. Our flagship soundbars have evolved with innovations that improve sound, functionality, and usability.

Our TVs and soundbars will pair acoustically, meaning the system will automatically configure both sets of speakers for the necessary channels. Q Symphony 3.0 will utilize every speaker on the TV along with the soundbar for greater immersion. Using the TV’s processor, the content will be analyzed so that dialogue will be produced by the soundbar while surrounding audio will play from TV speakers – resulting in crisp and clear 3D surround sound. Meanwhile, SpaceFit will analyze and calibrate to produce optimized audio immersion. We have so many exciting plans for CES, so be sure to check out our press conference live stream on January 4 at 2 PM PST.