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Distributor Audio America Announces Company Name Change to Next Level Distribution

Audio America Name Change Next Level Distribution

CE and 12V premium products distributor Audio America has announced it will now be operating under the company name Next Level Distribution, LLC. The company has distribution centers currently in five states.

With what was described in the announcement statement as a new and elevated vision for the future, Next Level Distribution will connect retailers with hundreds of leading electronics brands. Along with the new company name comes an improved website, designed to provide an exceptional user journey and experience as it simplifies and streamlines the purchase process. The announcement also notes that the organization has the advantage of family ownership combined with a national footprint that leverages economies of scale with an entrepreneurial mindset and personalized small company responsiveness.

Additionally, Next Level Distribution, which acquired Consumer Electronics Distributors, Inc. in February  2020, is planning even further growth, as the company gets ready to open new distribution centers in the Greater Dallas, Texas and Los Angeles, Calif. areas in the coming months. Dedicated to providing custom inventory solutions for retailers of all sizes, the organization prides itself on their ability to meet any retailer’s budget, timeline, and inventory needs. The company has more than 25 years of experience in distribution throughout the U.S., offering same-day shipping and extended cutoff times for best-in-class customer service.

Next Level Distribution will continue to provide customers with services including 24-hour pickup available at all locations, a dedicated sales representative for every account, weekly customer trainings, and flexible credit services. Retailers have access to more than 14,000 SKUs, with 99.9% shipping accuracy and just-in-time inventory solutions.

Owner and chairman Ryan J. Munder stated in the announcement: “As our brand continues to evolve over time and our company expands into new categories, it is important that our name matches the essence of what we do. Our decision to move forward as Next Level Distribution, LLC reflects that very evolution, empowering the retailers we work with and elevating their businesses to the next level as well.”

“When we look out to 2021 and beyond, we see infinite opportunity,” continues CEO Jonathan Elster. “It is an exciting time to be in the distribution industry and we are committed to providing an outstanding buying experience for our customers from start to finish.We feel confident that our continued expansion, paired with our new name and enhanced website, will result in Next Level service. This approach, in name but more crucially in practice,takes us as well as our customers and retailers to where we aspire to be.”

To learn more about Next Level Distribution, visit www.getnextlevel.com.