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Consumer Electronics and YouTube: How to Get Started

Consumer Electronics and YouTube: How to Get Started

YouTube can be a great way to showcase your products online and the resulting video can be used across platforms and shared over and over.

How to Choose an Account

YouTube has a few tools to get started creating, but all you need to start is just a Google account. Beyond that, the channel name should reflect your store and have an active site and social media links.

Plan Your Content

Begin the planning stage with research. YouTube Creators is an excellent resource for getting started and growing your audience. Next, plan out the first 15 episodes and write rough drafts or outlines of how the show will flow. Have topics that can relate to other attacks so that you can refer to the shows and supply links. Have hardware or software available to discuss each show. Plan a calendar of when you will shoot, edit and release videos.

Shoot and Edit

It is time to start creating. Videos can be shot with a DSLR, smart device, or computer. Either way, make sure the device you are using is high quality and easy to access for editing. For audio, consider an external microphone. There are a few that attach to a smart device.

For editing, free software on a smart device is a perfect way to start. If you are a bit savvier, you can invest in video editing software like Adobe Premiere. Adobe has tutorials and great videos online with tips and tricks to get you to learn quickly. Keep the master video; clips of the video can be used for YouTube Shorts, Instagram, and TikTok.

Launch and Advertise

The last step is to launch and advertise. Make posts on social media leading up to the first episode, include them in any emails, and even ads on your website.