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Tech Gifts For Social Media Content Creators  

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The holidays have begun, and there’s one thing that stumps consumers every year: what makes a good gift. In the social media world, videos are the hot new way to start a trend and they aren’t going anywhere soon. While not everyone is a full-time content creator on social media, having tools to ease the process is always helpful. Here are some consumer electronic products that are good gifts for social media content creators and beginners in the social media realm.  

Best For Moving Subjects  

Pivo Pod

As I have said in previous articles, most social media content creators start somewhere, and they mainly have to film videos themselves. There is a product called the Pivo Pod that has AI video tracking for creators that are more dynamic and like to move around. This makes it easier for creators to continue filming without worrying if they are still in the center of the frame. The Pivo Pod retails for $139.99 right now, but the Lite version runs for $79.99. The  Pivo Pod Lite does not come with a remote or the Premium Tracking options, which makes it slower than the original. However both devices have a list of what content is the best fit for the product, such as fast movements like dancing or slower movement for a time lapse.   

Best For Close-Ups 

For creators that need a close camera shot to record their work process, an overhead phone tripod that can attach to a flat surface can get those personal shots. A phone tripod is set up for overhead shots for more artistic creators that want to show their work as they create it. This tripod is also useful for creators who do reviews or want to show their audience a closer look at a certain product. These types of tripods are easy to find and can be bought through online retailers like Amazon. These tripods are usually priced from $25 to $50, and some versions have ring lights attached. 

Best For Public Events 

If the creator wants to film footage while out in public, a static tripod stand takes up a lot of room, and the space they are in might be too overcrowded to set up a tripod. A smartphone gimbal might be a better solution. Gimbals are often used for filming and can help stabilize the camera for smooth footage. The DJI OM 4 SE Smartphone Gimbal with Magnetic Phone Clamp 2 Kit can help creators get the perfect footage while in a crowded space.   

DJI Smartphone Gimbal

The smartphone gimbal doesn’t require balancing the camera before operating like DJI Ronin-SC, which works with professional DSLRs. The main trick with gimbals is learning how to balance the camera so the weight is held properly by the device, but the smartphone version has a magnetic clamp that will keep users’ phones securely attached and centered on the device. The device also has active tracking so if users can’t keep up with their subject, they can rely on the gimbal. The smartphone gimbal kit comes with three gimbal pieces that need to be assembled: a charger, a storage pouch and a wrist strap — all for $99.  

Best For Live Interviews 

A Bluetooth phone microphone for people who like to do on-the-street interviews. The microphone should be Bluetooth since phones no longer have headphone jacks unless the person mainly films with a professional camera. I would suggest buying two separate mics so the person receiving the mic has one for themselves and another for their interviewee or as a backup in case one of the mics doesn’t work properly. The Sabenetek Smart Mike Lite goes for $85 or $99.00 depending on the color choice and the mic works for both iOS and Android devices.  

Best For Connecting 

Even on social media people need to network, but not everyone has the time to search for people on LinkedIn. Especially after attending a seminar, it’s hard to remember every single person you met and memorize their contact information. While business cards are a good solution, they can get lost easily or have incorrect information that can’t be updated immediately, causing someone the chance of making a connection. The company Popl has made a social media tool for creators to share their information as quickly as possible. In the Popl Bundle, the consumer will receive three products: a keychain, a wristband and a Popl dot. Each one of these products can share your contact information, social media, portfolio, website, payment apps, music platforms and more. This eliminates the need for physical business cards, speeds up the networking process and can incentivize people to connect with the user. This gadget could help companies and creators grow followers on social and gives consumers the chance to meet the person behind the screen. Now that we have quickly moved to an age where almost everything is done digitally, it becomes harder to network and build up new work relationships. When using Popl, creators have the chance to introduce their digital as well as their in-person persona.  


All these gifts are a great idea to get people inspired and motivated to create more on social media. Having the right tools can be a motivator to create more videos. Having a set of video equipment for content creation can get expensive, especially when trying to improve the quality of video content. With the holidays quickly approaching a few of these items or similar products might be on sale, so now is the best time to start searching for social media tech tools before they are gone.