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Samsung Competes With Prime Day

Samsung store at Eaton Centre in Toronto, Canada.

Samsung is trying to create more accessories and deals to attract consumer attention. Since Amazon Prime Day already has deals for Prime Gaming out, Samsung is trying to find ways to compete with Prime Day deals. Recently the popular consumer electronics company has been collaborating with other popular companies like Nintendo to create a limited edition Pokeball earbuds case. The company continues to reveal fun new collaborations and has announced that it will be working with Starbucks to create phone and air pod cases.

The phone and earbud cases are available starting June 28, but is only exclusive to South Korea. 

Sadly, these cases are exclusive to South Korea only, but that won’t stop international consumers. If Samsung does not mention any plans to release these products in other countries, consumers will probably buy them second-hand from a website like eBay. The collaboration is meant for consumers that have the Galaxy S22 series or the Galaxy Buds2 and can be ordered through Starbucks on Naver, a South Korean online platform. The cases are a good fit for avid Starbucks fans and the earbuds case design of the cup of coffee is very fun. Samsung has stated before that its goal is to give consumers the power of customization and this collaboration with Starbucks will easily get consumers excited. This fun collaboration is not the only fun thing Samsung has planned for its customers.

The Samsung Galaxy buds Starbucks themed case.
Limited edition Starbucks Galaxy Buds case

In order to compete with Prime Day run by the famous online retailer, Amazon, Samsung has announced a sale of its own. Samsung has reduced the price of almost all of its technology and appliances. Samsung’s popular smartphone the Z Flip 3 can be purchased for $374.99 with an eligible trade-in. Even the famous Samsung Bespoke 4-door French refrigerator is on sale for $2,498.96 which is $1,200 less than the original price. These products aren’t the only ones on sale, Samsung has reduced prices on TVs, laptops, tablets, Jet bots, smart home appliances, smart watches, other phones, and galaxy buds. Some of these deals are only eligible with a trade-in, but for those who don’t qualify, there are other products available. This is the perfect time for consumers to take advantage of these sales and get some consumer electronics for a discounted price or to upgrade their technological devices. Some deals will expire on June 30th so consumers have to be quick if there is a specific item they have their eyes on.