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Shopping From Home at HomeGoods

A picture of the front of a HomeGoods store

HomeGoods is one of the better-known off-price retailers that mainly focuses on home décor, including some countertop appliances. As a frequent shopper at HomeGoods, I constantly wished that the store had an online site. It’s hard to see everything the store has to offer when things can sell out before I even know they were there in the first place. I remember all the times I have come back to the store for an item I saw a few days previously but then left empty-handed. So I was excited that the wait was over and that HomeGoods launched its online website late last month on September 28th.

According to People magazine, John Ricciuti, the President of HomeGoods said, “We are thrilled to bring a second way for our passionate shoppers to discover and shop an assortment they know and love.” Finally, I can browse through the website from the comfort of my own home.

As I scrolled through the website, I was pleased with how easy it was to find the items I needed. Instead of wandering through aisles for hours, I could look if it was in stock at my location. While browsing through the website, I found objects I never thought would be at HomeGoods. There was a 4-liter mini-fridge with a mirrored door going for only $39.99, which is a great deal compared to the Cooluli mini fridge that is $49.99. The site also listed other small appliances from air fryers and electric grills to blenders and coffee grinders.

A picture of a mini fridge on HomeGoods' website.
The HomeGoods mini fridge product page

Online shoppers get free shipping on orders over $119 and for extra safety, any orders over $100 must be signed for upon delivery. That’s not all, under the “Idea Shop” tab, I was able to get a 360 tour of HomeGoods and read their HG Blog. It felt as if I were actually walking around the store again. This feature will be useful to first-time shoppers at HomeGoods. The store can be overwhelming when you first walk in because there are so many things to see. If you are decorating and don’t know where to start, the HG Blog offers multiple ideas for bedrooms, kitchens, storage, and gifts too. The website will be great for those who are trying to save time and those who are trying to find items they couldn’t find in stores. Let’s hope this will inspire other stores, such as Ross, which you’d expect to already have online shopping available, to follow suit.