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Smart Locks: The Key to Becoming a More Informed Homeowner

Smart Locks: The Key to Becoming a More Informed Homeowner

They say that knowledge is power. But did you know that when it comes to smart locks, the increased knowledge and information they provide can be an enticing purchasing factor to homeowners?   

In a general sense, smart lock owners know their home is more secure, and they know they have brought greater convenience into their home. But there are also some very specific and important things homeowners know as a direct result of having purchased a smart lock. What follows are eight smart lock benefits that dealers and distributors would be smart to know, too. 

1. Smart lock owners know when a lock is being used, and by whom. 

By assigning temporary codes to various parties, homeowners with smart locks can have more control over who has access to their homes. Whether it’s a babysitter, dog-walker, plumber, or other service provider, homeowners can provide individuals with temporary codes instead of keys – codes that can be deleted whenever the homeowner sees fit. The temporary code can even be set up to function during a limited preset time – for a two-hour window in the afternoon, for example. And users can be notified if the service provider doesn’t leave during their scheduled time. 

When connected to a home automation system, smart locks can be empowered to maintain important information about their use and deliver it to any web-enabled device. In this way, they can provide homeowners with an audit trail of who has been granted access to their homes, and when. Homeowners can even receive notifications via text message of when the painters came, and when they left. Or if and when loved ones walked in the door. This brings us to…. 

2. Smart lock owners know when loved ones arrive home safely. 

These notifications can mean tremendous stress relief for any homeowner, but particularly for parents who might otherwise be worried about when their 12-year-old arrived home from school. With smart locks, parents can always keep track of their pre-teen’s post-school comings and goings, as well as if their teenagers arrived home at night before or after curfew. 

It’s no wonder that parents who own homes can be such a great target market for smart locks. Parents want to do everything within their power to keep their children safe, even as the kids grow older and start to explore their interests and independence.  

3. Smart lock owners know their home is safe, even when far from home. 

Smart locks can be accessed and controlled through any web-enabled device, be it a phone, tablet, or PC. When users are away from home – across town at work or across the globe at a hotel pool – they can access information about their lock, whether the deadbolt is in place or otherwise engaged. Homeowners with a smart lock can check on the status of their home’s entryways while they’re away. Plus, they can give a neighbor or friend a personal user code and the ability to check on the home to feed the plants and fish, while they’re at it. 

4. Smart lock owners know their home is locked up tight for the night. 

Connected smart locks go beyond providing access control at the door. Through a web-enabled device, like the smartphone they keep on their bedside nightstand, smart lock users can check to see if their home is locked up safe and sound for the night. And if it isn’t, they can lock all the doors without having to put on their slippers. Sweet dreams are made of this smart lock benefit. 

5. Smart lock owners know they haven’t lost their keys. 

Smart lock owners can store their keys in a safe, out-of-the-way place because they can use a personal user code to enter the home. They can also assign a time-sensitive user code to whoever might need one and delete it when they see fit. So smart lock owners are never passing out copies of keys to their children, friends, relatives, the babysitter, and contractors – keys that can be lost or stolen. And they’re never counting on a hideaway fake rock for security. 

The ability to assign user codes is a particularly great benefit for owners of vacation rental properties. Fear of having to constantly swap out locks can be a thing of the past for smart lock owners. With remote locking and unlocking controlled through an internet-connected device, property owners no longer have to take the time to come to the property to physically hand off a key. Nor do they have to put a key in a storage locker, or hide a key in a shrub. Frequent resident turnover?  Owners don’t have to constantly be making new keys. Need to facilitate a repair? Neither the owner nor the resident needs to be at home to let the repair person inside. 

6. Smart lock owners know they are making a great first impression. 

Most homeowners want products that are displayed in their home, including smart locks, that suit their style and complement their existing décor – especially a product that’s located at the main entrance on the outside and the main exit on the inside. Fortunately, many of today’s smart locks are offered in a range of finishes and styles.  

7. Smart lock owners know how to make their smart devices get along. 

Working in conjunction with the hub and a wireless protocol, smart locks can wirelessly communicate with and control the network of devices that comprise a home automation system. These can include everything from alarms to lighting to entertainment systems, and everything in between. 

Dealers should also know that, although Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are excellent options, if your customers want a connected smart lock that can be a part of a home automation system, smart locks using Z-Wave and Zigbee technology have a better range and are more effective options. 

Smart Locks: The Key to Becoming a More Informed Homeowner
8. Smart lock owners know their senior parents are safe at home. 

People are living longer, and many seniors want to “age in place,” staying in their own homes where they are comfortable, and where they have lived for a long time and plan on living a lot longer. The latest generation of smart locks is providing live-at-home seniors with the highest level of security, and their adult children with greater peace of mind. With their capabilities and the knowledge they can impart, smart locks are playing a central role in aging-in-scenarios. 

Smart locks: 

  • allow adult children and caregivers to monitor the elderly person’s activity, and can be programmed to send out emails and texts regarding who is accessing the home; 
  • can provide customized authorized access to service technicians, like plumbers or electricians, and healthcare professionals can be allowed to enter in the event of a medical emergency; 
  • can simplify caregiver management, because keys never have to be provided to caretakers. 

Of course, not all potential smart lock buyers are aware of the many ways that smart locks can provide incredibly useful knowledge and information. This is where dealers come into play. Take a cue from the smart locks you’re selling and provide valuable information. By making your customers better informed about the reasons why smart locks are smarter than the average lock, you’ll know you’re using all the information at your disposal to sell more smart locks and grow your home automation and security business.