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This Is the Tech That New Home Buyers Want

Smart home buyers receiving keys to their new place.

With home sales booming and people having more choices on which house to purchase, what are home buyers and sellers doing in the way of technology to help sell or buy a new home? 

We asked top North Carolina real estate agent Lindy Mauney to provide some expert advice on this topic. Not only a top-selling real estate agent in one of the fastest-growing housing markets in the country, Mauney is also Luxury Home Marketing Specialist Certified, Residential Construction Certified, and a New Construction Home Specialist.  

“When a home is prepping to be sold, the homeowner decides on what in the home will stay and what will go with them,” says Mauney. “But oftentimes the potential buyer will see something in the home they want to keep, which is then added to the sale price.” 

As far as technology goes, larger TVs and TV mounts are a common ask. Becoming more common though, are smart devices such as Ring doorbells, Ecobee, and Nest thermostats. Although these products are not major selling features, they do make the listing look better. In addition, some of the first technology purchases a homeowner makes are for those devices, since they make a home easier to manage.  

Another big selling point is the outdoor living space. “Since the start of the pandemic, homebuyers have been looking for homes that suit the new normal,” says Mauney. “Since we were not able to be out, people were drawn to homes that had a getaway outside. Homes with outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, weatherproof televisions, projectors, and sound systems were considered heavily in the decision-making process.” 

In new-home construction, more homes are being prewired for security and lighting. The potential homeowners then have the option to have the security and lighting systems installed, which saves time and money. Also seen in higher-end new-home construction is the opportunity to customize a room as a home theater room, a home office, or a technology space.  

Existing homes already have set usages for all the rooms, making converting a space a little more costly, but still doable. This is the perfect place for integrators to jump in and work with the potential buyer and real estate agent — get an installation done before all the furniture is moved in and the space is still convertible.  

Right now, technology is not making or breaking home sales. However, as technology becomes more advanced, easier to use, and more accessible, it will continue to evolve as far as its role in home sales is concerned. Once the technology bug bites, the need for upgrades, updates, and new products is just an up-sell away.