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Unboxed: The DB2S Smart Door Lock by Alfred

Unboxed: The DB2S Smart Door Lock by Alfred
The Alfred DB2S keypad illuminated.

When it comes to smart home technology, which is becoming increasingly popular in residential properties of all shapes and sizes, smart door locks are near the top of the list. Smart door locks exhibit several favorable attributes for consumers. They offer convenience by ridding users of jangly keys. Instead, smart door locks utilize multiple authentication methods like PIN codes, keycards, smartphone connectivity, and even biometric recognition. Smart door locks also provide users with a greater sense of security, especially when they are connected to a smartphone or app that allows users to monitor who uses the lock and when and be alerted via real-time notifications. 

Allied Market Research projects that the global smart door locks market will reach $12.5 billion by 2023, with a robust compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.6 percent. Smart home ecosystems like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Homekit have made it even easier for any consumer to transform their analog home into a smart home. Smart door locks have become one piece of the puzzle when it comes to building a smart home, so Dealerscope decided to unbox one for ourselves, the Alfred DB2S smart door lock, to evaluate its appeal, installation process, and overall functionality. 

The DB2S Smart Door Lock by Alfred

The Alfred DB2S box exterior.

The DB2S smart door lock series by Alfred is a smart deadbolt lock with a touchscreen 12-button keypad that is illuminated with a simple tap of the Alfred logo at the center. Like any smart door lock, the DB2S offers multiple authentication methods. Users can download the Alfred Home App and pair their smartphone with the lock and operate it from the comfort of their home screen, use the keypad, tap an included RFID card, or unlock a door traditionally with the two included physical keys. 

Installing the DB2S was straightforward. The smart lock is designed to be installed DIY-style, as exhibited by its easy-to-follow instructions and clearly labeled kit, which had alphabetically labeled tool bags for each step of the installation. However, if you are not inclined to be glancing at a piece of paper every 30 seconds, you can also turn to the BILT App, which we used for our installation. The BILT App featured a 3D step-by-step install guide for the DB2s that was interactive and read the instructions out loud as well as typing them out, streamlining the installation process even further.

The Alfred DB2S box components.

The DB2S is approximately 2.67 inches by 6.77 inches with a vertical rectangular shape that has a softly modern vibe to it with rounded corners and edges. The dimensions are just the right size to make it blend in nicely with the door, and the style of the DB2S gives it a subtle sophistication. With its easy installation, the way it complements any door, and its multiple authentication methods, Alfred seems to be emphasizing that versatility is a chief appeal of the DB2S. It is intended to replace a conventional door lock, making it able to be easily integrated into a variety of residences. However, it should be noted that the DB2S can only be installed with no additional prep if a door hole is the standard 2.125 inches. Instructions for brand-new doors and doors with 1.5-inch holes are included as well. Additional prep was required for our installation, but once we began fitting the lock into the door it was smooth sailing. 

Once the DB2S was installed, its operation was easy to navigate. Pairing the DB2S with the Alfred Home App via Bluetooth was a swift process. On the Alfred Home App, users can assign ‘keys’ to multiple members of a household and even temporary ones to people who may need to gain access to your home, such as a neighbor or a pet sitter. Owners of commercial and residential multi-family properties can appreciate temporary keys when showing potential leasers or renters a room as well. When someone enters the home using their key, the Alfred Home App alerts the user who used the key along with a timestamp, keeping homeowners up to date on their property’s security. For users who require an extra level of security, the DB2S comes with an optional door position sensor that can detect whether a door is open or closed and alert the owner.

The Alfred Connect V2 Wi-Fi Bridge.

To monitor an Alfred door lock when away from home, users will have to purchase an Alfred Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, which lets users control their Alfred door lock from any location in the world. Once plugged into a standard power outlet and connected with the home Wi-Fi network, we paired the Alfred Connect V2 Wi-Fi Bridge with the DB2S Alfred door lock and found it gave peace of mind to everyone in the household. It can be a useful tool for parents who want to check that their kids return from school or an extracurricular activity safely, or even just to monitor that the door is locked while on vacation. The Connect V2 Wi-Fi Bridge is also compatible with smart home ecosystems like Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant, which enables users to control the DB2S via voice commands. The DB2S is also compatible with Z-Wave and Zigbee through add-ons sold separately.

The DB2S is powered by a lithium-ion battery that operates for 8 to 12 months on a single charge. The lock will alert the user when the battery is low, but just in case you forget to recharge the battery and it runs out when you need to get into your home, there is an emergency charging port located on the underside of the lock that can connect with any USB-C cord. For ultra-smart homes, the DB2S is also capable of Wi-Charge technology. Wi-Charge converts electricity from a transmitter attached to a standard power outlet into invisible infrared light beams, which are then converted into electrical power via photovoltaic cells in a receiver. 

Overall, the DB2S makes a great addition to homes that are looking to upgrade their security system and join the smart home world. It is convenient, stylish, easy to install, and offers peace of mind to every household member. 

The Alfred DB2S Smart Door Lock

MSRP: $299

The Alfred Connect V2 Wi-Fi Bridge

MSRP: $59