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Pinterest Tips For CE Retailers

Pinterest app on iPad

Pinterest is a great social media source for discovering new technology from multiple businesses, as well as a great place to promote your own business and even get customers for e-commerce. The social media platform and visual search engine had 478 million active users at the end of 2021 – not quite TikTok’s one-billion-and-counting users, but still quite a big number. The beauty of Pinterest is that users can pin whatever post interests them and can refer back to their pins whenever they need them. Businesses such as CE manufacturers and retailers can benefit from having their products on Pinterest because it can generate brand awareness and also generate sales. For example, Samsung US has a Pinterest page that highlights its products’ features and explains why its products are good for consumers. If you are thinking about promoting your business or products through Pinterest, here are a few tips.

Pictures are the most important.

Pinterest is similar to Instagram because pictures are the main selling point and your product photography needs to stand out by looking different from others. If you’re selling something like a headset, use a picture other than a person just wearing them. You can show the other accessories the device comes with or even show off any fun colors the headset model has. You could also incorporate some elements in the picture based off of the audience you are trying to reach. For example, if your headset is for gamers, use a picture where the headset is in front a computer with a game on screen or have a model where the headset while playing on a gaming console. Show viewers a reason what they should consider your product instead of the others they’ve seen.

A picture of Samsung's Pinterest page
Samsung Pinterest Page

Use Rich Pins.

Posts that advertise a product from a website on Pinterest are called Rich Pins, and they can lead users to websites (like yours) where they can buy the product. Rich Pins automatically sync information from your website to your Pins. This is helpful for when prices or products on your website are updated because the Pin will automatically update based on the information from the website. There are three different types of Rich Pins: Product Rich Pins, Recipe Rich Pins, and Article Rich Pins. Users have to apply for a Rich Pin before adding it to their post on Pinterest, but this service is free, and applications are processed within 24 hours. Product Pins display the product price on the top left corner of the post and lead people on Pinterest to your website where they can purchase your company’s products.

A Pinterest informational page on how businesses' can use rich pins.
Rich Pins Pinterest Page

Look at Pinterest Predictions.

Pinterest has a helpful feature called Pinterest Predicts. This service predicts popular trends based on the searches Pinterest users have done. Companies can filter predictions by audience or category, and anyone can download the report for free. This gives companies insight into what people have been searching for on Pinterest, and what products could excel on the website. For example, some of Pinterest Predictions’upcoming trends for 2022 are watches and clocks. Pinterest also offers advice on how brands can market their products on its platform. For tech companies or retailers that sell watches, Pinterest recommends the following: “Use trends-based video ads to call out upgraded technology features and cool new watch styles. But if your product offers an analog watch face feature, market this, too — some people just want to tell time the old‑fashioned way.”

Pinterest Predicts page

Show why a consumer needs your product.

What is the selling point of your product? Your product was made to satisfy the needs of the consumer, but what, exactly, are those needs? Sometimes people don’t know that they need certain products because they haven’t used them in their everyday life. On Pinterest, you can post a visual that explains to users how your product will be beneficial. Add a picture that has text that highlights your product’s best feature or what makes it different from your competitors. For example, Samsung made created a Pin about its Bespoke Refrigerators and how they are great for people who want to create their dream kitchen, because the refrigerators’ colors can be customized. This kind of easily visualized feature could sway someone who is remodeling their kitchen and just happens to go onto Pinterest to look for inspiration. Now they have found a fridge that could match the color scheme they want.

Pinterest pin about the 10 best laptops for beginners in 2021
Pinterest Laptop Pin

Make sure pictures are clear.

Earlier, I mentioned how having interesting pictures can grab users’ attention, but make sure they can easily tell what product is being sold. Have your product be in the center of the photo or take up most of the space in the photo. For instance, if you’re selling a microphone and you have two big speakers in the photo and the mic is barely seen, it might come off as misleading on a platform like Pinterest. Your product is the star of the show, but don’t let other objects that might seem enticing overshadow it.

Target your hashtags.

As on Instagram and Twitter, hashtags on Pinterest are important, too, and let users that search a tag be directed to relevant products on the platform. Specific tags are helpful, but general tags work as well. For example, if you are selling a speaker with Alexa built-in, then basic tags like Alexa, Bluetooth speaker, best speakers, audiophile, or smart home are a perfectly good way to increase the chances of your product being discovered. Audiophile is a powerful tag, too, because it will be directed at users who are fans of audio. What if you don’t know what hashtags to use? There are a few options that you can use to find popular hashtags. First, you can go to Pinterest Trends and search keywords that relate to your product. The website will give statistics on how many times each tag was searched each month, as well as a list of similar trends, and popular pins that use the hashtag. Then you can put the hashtags in the description to increase your product’s chance of being discovered.

A picture of the Pinterest Trends homepage
Pinterest Trends Homepage

Following these simple tips can drive up awareness and interest in your products when you decide to use Pinterest. Finding new ways and places to promote your product is essential to business growth. If you have any difficulty trying to promote your products on Pinterest, then try going to the platform’s business page, which serves as a helpful resource on how to improve your experience using the website. You’ll find multiple sections that can help you see analytics, create ads for targeted audiences and more.