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LG Launches Immersive DigiTour 3D Showroom for Businesses of All Sizes, Types and Budgets

LG DigiTour 3D Showroom

Retailers have adjusted their operations tremendously this year, and we can certainly expect even more changes to come as the pandemic rages on. It’s no longer just about having a strong e-commerce strategy anymore; it’s about creating an entire digital experience. LG has taken this exact approach with its new DigiTour 3D showroom.

Upon entering the LG DigiTour showroom, visitors are greeted by host, Tim, before being presented with four rooms to explore: Corporate, Education, Control Room, and Innovation. Each of the four settings displays the latest LG products as they would appear in their real-life settings.

Floor markers help guide users to designated areas like a meeting room in the corporate space, a work-from-home setup, a financial sector control room, an e-sports arena, and more. Thanks to Unreal Engine platform, an advanced real-time 3D creation tool commonly used in video games, each room received exquisite attention to detail like ambient sounds and a breathtaking view of Atlanta outside of the meeting room. The 360-field of view also allows users to see the LG products in their truest form. You can “walk” over to the side of a monitor or display and actually get a sense of the product’s width and depth as it relates to the room.

But the LG DigiTour doesn’t stop at simply allowing you to virtually walk around and see products. The program also offers a live chat feature with LG representatives who are available to answer questions during regular business hours. They will even offer to jump on a Zoom call to further discuss any particular products visitors might be interested in, just as if you were walking around an in-person showroom.

“Rather than try to replicate what’s been done to date elsewhere, we’ve created environments that take advantage of the power of virtual technology and paired it with the invaluable injection of real people that industry thrives on,” said Damaris Toma, Experiential Marketing Lead at LG Business Solutions USA.

The robust platform is available starting today for desktop, mobile, and tablet users. Down the line, LG is planning to host virtual webinars, panels, and other industry presentations on the DigiTour platform.

According to Toma, the pandemic may have inspired this platform’s creation, but it will likely become a permanent component in LG’s retail strategy. “We’ve built a means to reach audiences remotely – even audiences that may not have been at a physical tradeshow,” she said. “It’s a future-proof way to ensure that we can serve our customers remotely, now and in the years to come.”