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An Interview with Robert Zohn from Value Electronics

Robert Zohn Value Electronics

1. What has been happening in the last couple of months in your business sector?

Every spring/summer marks the new model year for TVs.  This year’s new TV models have more significant video display technology upgrades and enhancements that exploit the abilities of the new 4K HDR TV Video System.  Brighter OLED TVs not only deliver brighter images and better HDR and improved DCI P3 with good color saturation and full color volume, but it also gives the users another technical advantage that has not been discussed yet and that’s the much larger dynamic tonal range.  The larger dynamic tonal range that is only possible with LG’s G1 Gallery Series and Sony’s A90J Master Series OLED TVs gives the images more detail and the perception is a sharper and more real to life detailed picture.

Larger screen sizes with these new high-performance OLED TVs are now available up to 83”, ranging from 55”, 65”, 77” and now the 83” class.

Samsung’s new Neo series includes a beautiful range of 4K and 8K MiniLED TVs in sizes from 55” to 85”.   LG is soon to follow with their same range of 4K and 8K MiniLED NED TVs from 55” to 86” screen sizes.

2. What excites you most about the next two months as it relates to your business? What most concerns you?

As our loyal early adopter customers begin to rave about their new TVs, sales will continue to maintain a strong and steady pace.  Adding to the excitement of the new TVs launching is the anticipation for our 2021 TV Shootout Evaluation event.

3. What is the most important thing for our readership to know about your business?

We are the go-to retailer for a premium experience in audio and video.  We apply our love for premium a/v performance systems to every price level we sell.  Our tech support field service teams integrate/install in your home or business.

Our very popular e-commerce reach is the contiguous 48 US states where we include delivery to your home at no charge for our customers.

4. How can our readers best get in touch with you, or become involved in what you are doing for the industry? What websites can they check out for news or activity updates about your organization?

Our company url is www.ValueElectronics.com and our clients can reach us by phone 914-723-3344 or email at rzohn@valueelectronics.com.

Also check us out on social media:
Facebook www.Facebook.com/ValueElectronics
Instagram www.instagram.com/ValueElectronics Youtube www.youtube.com/ValueElectronics and www.youtube.com/TVShootout

5. Why is our publication relevant for the people you serve with your organization?

Being a retailer to end-users, trade publications would not normally be considered of value to our customer base of consumers, not the trade.  But in our case of catering to the mid-range to premium and luxury markets, our enthusiast clients read Dealerscope as they want to keep updated on the a/v companies, products, and news updates.  Dealerscope and other trade publication articles of interest are shared on our social media.