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Cloudastructure Announces New Hardware Product Collaboration

Cloudastructure Announces New Hardware Product Collaboration

Home security systems are becoming more advanced with the addition of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and remote monitoring systems. On August 21, Cloudastructure and Sunell Security announced a new partnership for AI surveillance and remote guarding as an expansion of Cloudastructure’s product lines. Cloudastructure is a cloud-based AI Security company offering end-to-end security systems.

One reason for the partnership was Sunell’s integrated speakers and the Nighthawk MP4 camera, both appealing to Cloudastructure. “While we remain committed to being camera agnostic for the sake of our customers, quite a few wish to either add to or upgrade their existing cameras. This partnership enables and expedites that process for them,” said CRO of Cloudastructure Lauren O’Brien. 

The excitement is reciprocated, with the Senior Sales Manager for Sunell saying that the security company “sought out Cloudastructure at ISC West because we’d heard they are a rapidly expanding AI Surveillance company.”

Cloudastructure currently has a line of AI surveillance products, and the hardware expansion has seen a 137 percent increase in sales. With the new partnership, Cloudastructure can offer high-quality surveillance cameras and expedited shopping with a knowledgeable partner.

In March, Cloudastructure announced the addition of a global remote guarding service. This includes “a complete cloud-based infrastructure with VMS, superior AI analytics performed in the cloud for greater computational accuracy, seamless remote guarding software to ‘Voice Down’ perpetrators, and a now a team of guards that can respond to all alerts to threats. “Remote guarding services” are an additional service for home security, and security agents individually review alerts detected by AI surveillance.