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Pinterest Reveals New E-Commerce Features

Pinterest is rolling out new shopping and merchant features to make the website’s shopping experience smoother and more user friendly. This comes after last year’s 215 percent growth in users’ engagement with shopping surfaces on the social platform, and it doesn’t seem like the company is interested in slowing down.

Their new API feature gives merchants further management and data capabilities and information, while their product tagging feature allows for merchants to add products to images. Pinterest says that both of these features have been tested and shown to be effective. In addition, merchants will be able to add product videos to their catalogs to demonstrate and show off their merchandise with more depth. All that is on top of a new Shop Tab for merchants’ business profiles allowing for an easier display of their products.

This is quite a number of commercial steps that the company is taking to improve their online shopping system, something that they have recently begun to ramp up. Pinterest only recently announced their acquisition of The Yes, an AI fashion shopping service, which the company says is part of a new strategic organization to create a smoother shopping experience for both merchant and consumer. And with online shopping growing and expanding at every turn, it’s no surprise that companies like Pinterest want to adapt to capitalize on the trend. It seems as if Pinterest’s foremost interest at the moment is creating a more user-friendly shopping journey, resulting in a more cohesive experience for both shop and shopper.