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Nationwide Adds Endless Aisle Feature to Its eXchange eCommerce Platform

Nationwide Endless Aisle
Photo Credit: yoh4nn

The rise in popularity of eCommerce platforms allows for previously unachievable interconnectivity within the marketplace. This past week, Nationwide Marketing Group announced the expansion of its eXchange eCommerce platform with a new endless aisle feature.

On the eXchange platform, Nationwide members can browse and shop hundreds of brands and thousands of items from the group’s partner distributors and vendors. Designed to support Nationwide members with active eCommerce capabilities, the endless aisle feature allows Nationwide members to take products directly from the eXchange platform and add them to their websites. This gives Nationwide members the ability to experiment with carrying potential products without the commitment of obtaining physical inventory. 

“By opening up the endless aisle feature, our retailers can now test certain product lines and brands, experiment with entirely new product categories, adjust their mix for seasonality and availability, and more,” explained Nationwide director of distribution and eXchange Randy Derr, in the press release,  “all with a few clicks and with no physical inventory requirements.”

When customers order endless aisle experience products from a Nationwide member’s website, they undergo the same experience as they would purchasing any other product with in-store pickup or direct delivery options. From the retail side, the member simply has to place the customer’s order through the eXchange platform in the same manner they would submit a stocking order. 

For more information on Nationwide’s eXchange endless aisle experience, Nationwide members have been instructed to stop by the eXchange booth at PrimeTime in Nashville or contact Randy Derr at randy.derr@nationwidegroup.org. Nationwide Marketing Group works with more than 5,000 independent appliance, furniture, bedding, electronics, specialty electronics, custom installation, and rent-to-own dealers across the United States to give independent retailers the market power to compete with large chains.