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Dealerscope Insider Talk: Providing Essential Tech in a Changing Consumer Environment

“We don’t look at selling a product, we look at selling a solution,” said New Age Electronics’ President, Fred Towns when asked what makes his company so unique. New Age views itself as more than just a distributor, but also an extension of the manufacturer partners they represent. One way New Age accomplishes this, Towns says, is by talking about the technology behind the products they offer and establishing a need for them.

Towns was joined by Stephanie Dismore, Senior Vice President and Managing Director on the most recent episode of Dealerscope Insider Talk that touched on what it’s like providing essential tech in a changing consumer environment.

Dismore followed up the question adding that, “What makes HP so special is that we are a purpose-drive company.” They took swift action when COVID hit by mobilizing their supply chain and support team, creating programs to help their partners, and donating millions of dollars to affected communities and hospitals—all while ensuring the health and safety of their employees and their families.

With the pandemic showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon, the need for companies like New Age and HP has really proven its importance. Tech is transforming lives at home both on a professional and personal level. During a conversation with a friend who is a doctor, Towns said technology has been increasingly important in patients battling COVID-19. Since they aren’t allowed to have visitors, phone calls and video chats are the next best thing.

Dismore touched on the lack of preparedness many people felt when transitioning to remote work. Since a majority of professionals lack a dedicated office space at home, they were vying for space around the house and HP had to take this into consideration in the products and solutions they were offering. They also looked deep into the types of products that were in high demand beyond just desktops and printers to things like microphones, webcams, monitors, Wi-Fi, and more.

In addition to many items that became important for working remotely, Towns also noticed a rise in connected home products. Homeowners have been doing more than just cosmetic upgrades; they’ve also been adding things like smart doorbells, smart locks, surround systems, and more to their homes.

Dismore closed on a positive note detailing the many ways HP is giving back during this time. Whether by donating dollars or products, HP really prioritized giving back to communities and hospitals that need it most. “As we get through this time,” Dismore says, “people are what matter. In this industry we need to provide the products and solutions but we also need to help each other.”