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Blog Topics Any Business Owner Can Do to Boost SEO

Climbing up Google SEO ranking is a goal of any CE retailer. Landing on the first page can attract more customers to visit your website and brick-and-mortar stores. Writing might not be a strong character, and hiring a content writer might not be within the budget, so here are a few simple post ideas that can help boost standings.

Product Info or Demo

This topic can go a long way and be reused over and over. Posts can also include lots of photos and videos, making it easy to make if writing isn’t available when you get a new product in, finding the time to highlight it with a post using the company’s name or any other strong keywords about the technology.

Tell a Story

Have you ever told your story? Why did you go into business? Why consumer electronics? This is an excellent opportunity to humanize your company. This blog post will also help grow your community and make repeat customers if your story moves them.

Tech Trends

Technology is ever-changing, and keeping up with all the trends is hard. Depending on whether your retail is niche like home automation or if you carry multiple products, this topic can be used repeatedly. For example, if you have home automation technology products, you can post like: “Top 5 Tech Products to make your outdoors easy to maintain” and cover items that help around the garden.

Publishing blog posts regularly helps reach the SEO of your website as Google scans for the keywords when you post. Keep the keywords in a note to add to photo descriptions, titles, and paragraphs. Add the blog posts to your content calendar and share them across socials.