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Samsung Makes Collaboration Seamless with New Series of Interactive Displays

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With a new line of interactive displays, Samsung is fostering connected collaboration from the boardroom to the lecture hall and classroom. The WAC series is the latest addition to Samsung’s digital signage portfolio that offers versatility in application and simplicity in operation. The pandemic has taught us that technology has the remarkable capacity to bring us together all while ensuring its seamless integration into existing systems and industries, such as education and business. With digital signage becoming more and more commonplace and desired by consumers, Samsung is demonstrating smart foresight by launching its WAC series of interactive displays to showcase the latest innovations in connected and collaborative technology. 

Innovative Collaboration to the Front, Please 

Samsung’s interactive displays are as immersive as they are innovative. They can support a variety of functions that would take multiple boards and products to accomplish. Tools such as digital whiteboards, video conferencing, and other touchscreen experiences are implemented into Samsung’s newest portfolio to invite collaboration. 

On these 4K UHD displays, collaboration is brought to the next level with up to 20 simultaneous touchpoints to create a natural writing experience for multiple users on the same display. Students’ hands will be popping up left and right to solve math problems on the intuitive and dynamic board that prioritizes active learning.  

Boards are no longer restricted to dedicated spaces with the WAC series of interactive displays. Annotating documents and sharing notes or insights are made easy. Students, colleagues, and anyone else who wishes to join can with Samsung’s versatile interactive displays that can connect across devices and locations without being limited by content or formats.  

With Samsung, Seamless Integration Makes the Dream Work 

Samsung has designed its WAC series of interactive displays to be simple and secure in their setup across locations and industries. Installation is both quick and easy.  

Do you already have an existing system that you cannot bear to part with? No problem. The WAC series can integrate common productivity and learning platforms into its intuitive interface. The interactive displays are also equipped with open pluggable specification (OPS) capabilities that can access the full suite of Microsoft Office programs.  

Add reliability to the long list of features of Samsung’s WAC series. Nothing is more inconvenient than having to manage an IT issue in the middle of a lesson or presentation. The Samsung Remote Management tool monitors the health and functionality of your display. The remote benefits just keep on coming, as updates to interactive displays can also be achieved over-the-network. You can’t have reliability without security, which is why Knox Security is built into every Samsung interactive display. With this amount of security, businesses and classrooms can rest assured that their work is kept safe.  

Samsung’s WAC series of interactive displays is available for purchase in two screen sizes. The 65-in. is priced at $2,590 and the 75-in. is priced at $3,685.