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Walmart Acquires Memomi, the Latest in the Company’s Virtual Investments


Walmart has acquired Memomi, an optical augmented reality company that offers a virtual eyewear try-on experience. The acquired company is currently a Walmart — and therefore Sam’s Club — partner, and has been responsible for digital eye measurements since 2019. Memomi’s website touches on its technology’s capabilities to virtually apply to products outside of eyewear, but so far in its partnership with Walmart, it has remained dedicated to optical measurements.

This is not the only piece of technology that Walmart has engaged with recently. It also acquired Zeekit, a virtual clothing measurement start-up. Since then, Walmart has introduced a women-focused “Choose My Model” beta feature on its website, where customers are able to pick from a selection of clothing models that most fits their own appearance.

Currently, the model selection count sits at 50, but the company plans to add many more models in coming weeks. And while the clothing brand selection is currently limited to Walmart-exclusive brands, the company is attempting to add national brands over time.

Other online-focused companies are sure to develop rivaling augmented reality technology for use in product measurements and fittings. With this tech implemented in most online shopping marketplaces, stress and hassle could be heavily alleviated among consumers, with less need for returns and product dissatisfaction. But it could be a further blow to in-person shopping, with less need than ever before to physically go to a store — even for clothing and eyewear.