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American Audio & Video Intros Thorens Latest Turntable

The new, fully automatic THORENS turntable TD 103A, the successor of the long-lasting TD 240-2.

THORENS, the world’s oldest consumer electronics company, is excited to announce a new fully automatic turntable TD 103A, the successor of the long-lasting TD 240-2. Available from American Audio & Video end of September, 2020, and retailing for $1299.99, this new THORENS TD 103A was specially developed for demanding music lovers who do not want to listen without the convenience of a fully automatic deck.

“The high gloss black and high gloss walnut finishes clearly represent the brand identity and values of high quality sound combined with long lifetime of use typical of THORENS designed turntables. This THORENS, like its predecessor, is built with great pride and built to last,” the company explains. 

In order not to influence the vinyl playing process, special emphasis was placed on the lowest possible frictional resistance of the mechanical components. The reworked tonearm TP 19-2 comes with the finest bearing technology. The bearing clearance and the coefficient of friction were significantly reduced by using higher quality bearings compared to its predecessor as well as an upgraded tonearm design and cables.

The now removable headshell is equipped standard with a 2M Red from the Danish pickup specialist Ortofon. In addition, a high-quality RCA cable is included, which will connect to the likewise new connection terminals of the TD 103A with gold-plated RCA sockets.

About American Audio & Video

American Audio & Video is a consumer division of JAM Industries USA, LLC, and the exclusive national distributor for Thorens in the United States. Other distributed brands include Flexson, SoundXtra, Sherwood, Audiolab, Mission, and DreamVision.