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Apple Music Time-Synced Lyrics Featured on Samsung Smart TVs

Samsung has announced that Apple Music on Samsung Smart TVs will now feature and display millions of real-time synced lyrics that animate along with the music. Available on 2018 to 2020 Samsung Smart TV models, Apple Music time-synced lyrics make it easier for users to sing or rap to their favorite songs – or to discover words of the latest hits.

This follows Samsung’s move earlier this year to integrate Apple Music on its Smart TV platform; this move enhances that experience, Samsung says in the announcement.

With time-synced lyrics on Apple Music, each song is enhanced through a unique and dynamic background that is generated from the album art. Time-synced lyrics on Apple Music are seamless and intuitive, says Samsung; users can easily scroll through a song by flipping through the lyrics, jump to a certain verse, skip straight to the chorus or see where they are at in the song whenever they want. If listeners have a single lyric stuck in their head but can’t quite figure out what song it’s from, with Apple Music on Samsung Smart TVs, they can search for the lyric, find the song, and learn the rest of the words simply by hitting play.

Owners of Samsung Smart TVs can download Apple Music from the Samsung Smart TV App Store, sign into an existing account with their Apple ID, or begin the subscription process right from their TV. Samsung Smart TV owners can try Apple Music free for three months with an individual, family, or student subscription.

As soon as listeners begin playing a song with time-synced lyrics available, each verse will automatically appear on screen along with the music so they can follow along as they listen.