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Escort Releases MAX 3 Radar Detector

Just in time for the summer roadtrip season, Escort has announced the MAX 3, a fully connected, modern driver alert system that is said by the company to offer extended detection range and advanced filtering capabilities.

The MAX 3 is primed to recognize and validate legitimate road threats and deliver timely alerts about police activity, red light and speed camera locations, road hazards and accidents. As summer travel ramps up and the number of cars on the road increases, the MAX 3 makes high-end detection technology accessible for new users and a wide range of drivers, whether a commuter, road tripper or driving enthusiast.

It builds upon existing Escort products like the MAX 2 and iX with an upgraded technology platform. With greatly improved filtering intelligence to flag genuine alerts, users will receive accurate and actionable information. The MAX 3 also uses the patented AutoLearn feature to learn and automatically reject false alerts with GPS, while its updateable IVT Filter minimizes interference from in-vehicle technology like blind-spot monitoring and collision-avoidance systems. Used alongside navigation apps like Waze, Google Maps or Apple Maps, the MAX 3 can verify and validate road alerts.

Fully connected, the MAX 3 can tap into over 100 million vehicle-to-vehicle driver alerts annually directly through the mobile Escort Live App for information on all traffic and law enforcement cameras, live radar and laser reports, speed limit data, construction, road hazard, traffic and accident alerts. The combination of crowdsourced, database-driven and machine-generated alerts from other users, Escort detectors, and Escort’s Defender Database, respectively, is a differentiator, and when paired with alerts from the detector, results in up-to-the-minute road condition and incident information. Its software is updatable via connection to the driver’s computer.

The ESCORT MAX 3 is available on the company website and at Best Buy for $399.99. It comes equipped with a patented magnetic mount for easy setup in the vehicle, a SmartCord USB charger with AutoMute and a protective travel case.