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Punchey’s New MultiMedia Messaging Platform Increases Customer Engagement

Punchey has announced a new MultiMedia Messaging platform that focuses on better consumer engagement.

Punchey, Inc, a cloud-based payment and POS system for consumer facing businesses, has announced the introduction of MultiMedia Messaging on its platform. Punchey will be making the MMS capability available on all of their industry specific brands, including DetailPro and TattooPro

“Our team has worked very hard on this capability and we expect existing and prospective customers to greatly benefit from this feature as it is designed to increase engagement and overall consumer satisfaction,” said Kunal Mehta, CEO of Punchey. “We have also introduced a Google calendar sync to our software brands, this capability will make it easier for our customers to keep organized and make their businesses more efficient,” continued Mr. Mehta.

Panos Stavrinides, Punchey’s lead engineer stated “With our MMS release, users can now send and receive images and short videos along with their text messages to and from clients. These messages go into the client’s records for future reference. The client’s phone number is all that is needed now to send them a quick picture. Clients can send updates of their records directly from their phone.”

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