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Wolf Audio Systems Releases Alpha 3 SX Music Server

Wolf Audio Systems has announced the introduction of its high-resolution/streaming audio component, the Alpha 3 SX Pure Digital Edition music server.

It features a modified-for-audio Windows 10 Pro or the new, proprietary Linux-based WolfOS operating system and offers 4TB storage capacity (expandable to 32TB), 24-bit and DSD playback capability, an upgraded Flux Capacitor 24 MHz master clock and additional improvements. It is a one-chassis design that fits easily into any audio or home entertainment system, and can play back a wide variety of stereo and multichannel audio formats including FLAC, WAV, AIFF, ALAC, SACD, DSF, DFF and (PCM) from 16 – 32 bits, 44.1, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 and 384 kHz audio and DSD Native up to DSD1024.

At the heart of the Alpha 3 SX Pure Digital Edition is the WolfOS Linux-based operating system, based on Ubuntu software. The WolfOS features a custom kernel that offers low I/O latency, keeping the audio functions isolated from the rest of the server; it also works seamlessly with the Alpha 3 SX Pure Digital Edition’s output circuitry. Users can also opt to use Wolf’s Windows-based operating system. The Alpha 3 SX;s 4TB of SSD (solid state drive) storage capacity is said to be twice the amount previously available, for faster access to all content. An optional 32TB of expansion capability can also be added.

The device now incorporates Wolf’s Flux Capacitor master clock, formerly an optional upgrade, as standard. By operating at a high 24 MHz clock rate, the Flux Capacitor ensures more accurate reconstruction and transmission of the digital audio signal with less jitter and better accuracy, for a more natural and more involving musical presentation, says Wolf Audio Systems.The server incorporates a host of additional refinements which are the result of a collaboration between Wolf Audio Systems, Stillpoints and eXemplar Audio. They address the areas of micro-vibration control, electrical grounding and radio frequency interference (RFI) suppression. For example, the server incorporates Portals, a new patent-pending type of grounding-noise conditioning, to remove MHz- and GHz-frequency power contamination and deliver better clarity and resolution. Stillpoints internal standoffs are used to attenuate internal micro-vibrations, and Audience OHNO high-purity oxygen-free copper internal wiring provides maximum signal purity.

The model’s wireless connectivity also allows the user to control all functions using a wireless keyboard, mouse or tablet, or via a home automation system remote control. Like all Wolf Audio servers, the Alpha 3 SX Pure Digital Edition is compatible with a wide range of audio applications and streaming audio formats including Roon, JRiver, Qobuz, Tidal, Deezer and others. The server can connect to a TV or monitor to display album cover art, artist, track and album information and more. It offers a full complement of USB, Ethernet, HDMI and IR inputs and outputs, and if desired, an external Blu-ray drive can be connected for disc playback.

The Wolf Alpha 3 SX Pure Digital Edition is currently available in black or silver finish at a retail price of $10,000 with 4TB of storage, and $16,000 with an optional 32TB of storage. The unit can be supplied with optional Stillpoints Ultra SS isolation feet at an additional $1,000.