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Technics Unveils All-in-One OTTAVA SC-C70MK2 Music System

In time for the holiday selling season, Technics is unveiling its Premium Class OTTAVA SC-C70MK2 music system with built-in CD player (pricing to be determined; December availability). Technics created this Mark II model by further refining the sound quality, function and design of the preceding SC-C70 model, a compact all-in-one system designed for casual enjoyment of high-quality music, the company says.

The SC-C70MK2 is equipped with an 8cm woofer unit and 2cm dome tweeter. The new tweeter is combined with an acoustic lens whose shape is optimized to deliver more expansive sound. Just like its predecessor, the SC-C70MK2 features a 2.1-channel speaker system that includes a 12cm subwoofer. The speaker system is driven by three units of Technics’ original digital amp, JENO Engine, to reproduce full-bodied sound from a compact unit.

The SC-C70MK2 is also equipped with Space Tune, a function that adjusts sound quality to best suit the installation location conditions. In addition, the product has a built-in mic, so Space Tune Auto, which achieves optimally balanced sound automatically, can be used. The SC-C70MK2 supports a wide range of music sources including CD and radio as well as streaming services such as Chromecast built-in, AirPlay 2 and Deezer.

This music system is also designed to be aesthetically pleasing. It sports an aluminum top panel, louvred front grille and unique manual CD tray. The high-quality design typifies Technics’ identity. In addition to the silver model, a full-black SC-C70MK2 is also available.