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New Printers, New Projector From Epson

Delivering the ultimate big-screen streaming experience, Epson introduced the EF-100W and EF-100B Smart Streaming Laser Projectors with Android TV.

At the recently concluded PEPCOM Holiday Spectacular, Epson introduced a new All-In-One printer and new Laser Projector.

The company has revamped their EcoTank portfolio with six new additions to its Supertank line of cartridge-free EcoTank printers. The printers are now available in a clean, sleek white finish, and the new Epson EcoTank Series All-in-One printers offer cartridge-free printing, using bottles and easy-to-fill, supersized ink tanks for zero cartridge waste. Users get up to two years of ink with each included or replacement ink set, each providing enough ink to deliver thousands of pages.3 In addition, this unique printing technology empowers users to print by saving them up to 90 percent on ink with low-cost replacement bottles. 

Epson also unveiled a multi-year partnership with Shaquille O’Neil, NBA Hall of Famer, business leader and philanthropist, to champion the everyday benefits of Epson technology, starting with these new EcoTank cartridge-free printers. “Epson first introduced EcoTank Supertank printers in 2015 to improve the customer experience and address the frustrations associated with printing,” said Nils Madden, marketing director, Consumer Imaging, Epson America. “Listening to customer needs as well as incorporating current home and office trends, these newly designed additions to the EcoTank line-up are easy, economical printing solutions that offer users dramatically lower running costs, so they have the freedom to print everything they desire in color.” 

The new EcoTank printers feature wireless and borderless printing as well as color displays for easy setup and navigation, allowing users to get more done. Users can print thousands of pages3 of color documents or photos before running out of ink. One set of replacement bottles is equivalent to about 80 individual cartridges, 4 which means zero cartridge waste and fewer trips to the store. Integrated front-facing ink tanks and uniquely keyed EcoFit™ bottles make it easy to fill each color tank. Offering the perfect combination of value2 and convenience, the low-cost replacement ink bottles provide savings of up to 90 percent on ink1 versus ink cartridges. Now customers can enjoy the freedom to print in color.

Laser Projector

Delivering the ultimate big-screen streaming experience, Epson introduced the EF-100W and EF-100B Smart Streaming Laser Projectors with Android TV – designed to redefine the way consumers and families enjoy their favorite content. Based on unique Epson MicroLaser Array Technology, the compact and wireless projector produces incredibly bright and colorful images up to 150 inches on virtually any wall or dedicated screen. With included Android TV, the moment the EF-100 is powered on, today’s streamers can instantly enjoy their favorite content from apps such as Netflix , YouTube, HBO , Hulu, Disney+, ESPN, and more.

Epson’s EF-100 provides outstanding color accuracy and vibrancy for a range of streaming and gaming content needs. “The first-of-its-kind Epson EF-100 leverages Epson’s powerful, high-end laser technology in an impressive, compact and modern design that gives users a whole new way to enjoy their favorite content,” said Rodrigo Catalan, senior product manager, Projectors, Epson America. “When you think about the incredible production behind TV shows and movies, you can bet it’s not meant to be seen on a 6-inch mobile device. Epson’s EF-100 smart streaming laser projector lets today’s connected users experience their favorite content up to 150 inches anytime, anywhere.”

With included Android TV, the EF-100 represents an all-new streaming experience for users wanting to binge a new show, or re-watch the classics. Featuring a truly portable design, exceptional 2,000 lumens of color and white brightness, and stunning image quality, the EF100 is designed for users to stream big and stream anywhere.