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Talkin’ Mounts, Compact Speakers with Kanto Living: Dealerscope’s Insider Talk

Dealerscope Insider Talk Kanto

The Dealerscope Insider Talk series recently welcomed Eric Smith, vice president of sales and marketing, and Brett Smalley, marketing manager, at Kanto Living. Hosted by Dealerscope Publisher Tony Monteleone and Editor in Chief Nancy Klosek, this episode was titled “Supporting the At-Home Digital Lifestyle” – with the ‘at-home’ part of that equation most certainly hitting home in this pandemic-era we are all living in today.

Kanto Living manufactures AV mounting solutions, high-quality bookshelf speakers and digital media systems, home entertainment furniture, and a variety of accessories. And despite the specter of COVID-19, the company has had a big year, as their product lines play well in the aforementioned stay-at-home environment.

One very unique aspect to the way Kanto operates can be seen in the way they package their products, as mounts obviously need to be assembled prior to doing their thing. The company has developed a wonderfully organized system when it comes to boxing their mounts. A 100 percent recyclable cardboard box, without plastic or styrofoam, neatly houses all the parts, with smaller items, like screws and small tools, packaged in a separate smaller box, keeping them easy to access and identify.

Not only are they saving the environment from the harm styrofoam and plastic typically wreak, but, as Smith explains, “We are removing that sense of dread people feel when they open up the box. That feeling is replaced with a, ‘Don’t worry, we’ve got this figured out.’”

Add a call center that walks customers through the install process, as well as an install video, and it’s clear that Kanto is all about providing a superior customer experience, long after the product is purchased.

A few years back, Kanto expanded their product offerings and launched Kanto Audio, an initiative that includes an entire line of compact desktop and bookshelf speakers, a category where the company’s more aesthetic design approach comes shining through. With homes now having become both offices and schools, as well as also remaining the place consumers still relax, Kanto designed a speaker line that answers the bell in all these situations. Smith explained how the speaker line’s minimalist design offers a departure from the sometimes chaotic atmosphere of home life these days.

“Our driving aesthetic has always been minimalist, but the customer still needs functionality,” he explained. “So, whether you’re gaming, conferencing, or listening to music, we’ve built in a wide range of connectivity solutions into the back of the speaker.”

The entire sales and marketing focus around the very successful compact speaker line for Kanto, as Smalley explained, “is based on the audio foundation that we have built ourselves on – and that’s about affordability, connectivity, color options and sound quality.”

Each speaker line Kanto has brought to market has played to rave reviews based on both sound quality and versatility of use.

And Kanto continues to explore new markets and new product possibilities; as Smalley concluded, “We always look for new opportunities, really in two specific areas – we look at expanding our current categories, which is desktop, audio, TV mounts – and just making general improvements to form and function.”

Smalley added that Kanto also looks for opportunities in new market segments that the company enters, such as custom integration and commercial aspects as well.

He also mentioned that Kanto gets a lot of feedback from their customers and retailers and the company makes a great effort to put that feedback into their products, “to make sure we’re constantly evolving and constantly impressing our customers.”

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