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TCL Showcases TV Lineup at PrimeTime that Offers ‘Something for Everyone’

TCL Nationwide PrimeTime
Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

During its virtual showcase at Nationwide PrimeTime, TCL highlighted its comprehensive lineup of TVs that offer “something for everyone.”

Backed by 40 years of expertise, TCL says one of the secrets to success is their adoption of vertical integration. What that means is that TCL produces all the core components that make up a TV, putting them in complete control of the entire production process. Of all the TV brands in the world, TCL is one of just three that are completely vertically integrated.

“After rising quickly to becoming the number two TV brand in the US in just a few short years, we’re proud to deliver exceptional products and exceptional value to our customers,” TCL writes.

TCL has also adapted to meet changing consumer demands. They were the first brand to integrate Roku’s Smart TV platform into TCL’s hardware back in 2014. In partnering with Google, they’ve brought Android TV into the US for the first time allowing users to control their TV with their voice.

Gaming has also become a core component of the TCL brand, evident through their integration of THX Certified Game Mode, which minimized processing inside the TV for quicker response times and overall enhanced performance.

 “THX Certified Game Mode does that and so much more! With our 6-Series TV, the world’s first TV with THX Certified Game Mode, we worked with the experts at THX to ensure that not only does the TV perform blisteringly fast during gameplay, but also cutaways and slower gameplay look equally cinematic,” says TCL.

Both casual and advanced gamers have appropriate options to fit their skill levels. From the 4-Series TCL TV with 4K resolution, HDR and Game Mode up to the 6-Series with THX Certified Game Mode, Variable Refresh Rate, and 120Hz gaming input, TCL proves that there really is something for everyone