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Vivid-Pix Helps Create Holiday Time Capsules

Vivid Pix

Vivid-Pix, a provider of AI-powered image restoration software, understands that Thanksgiving and the holidays are not going to be the same this year, with families and friends unable to get together or share holiday traditions physically due to CDC social distancing guidelines and travel quarantine restrictions. Vivid-Pix has an answer to help stay connected: hold these events virtually and create time capsules with Vivid-Pix’s “Gathering Traditions,” easy-to-implement tutorials to relive past holiday gatherings and for future reminiscing.

Vivid-Pix Gathering Traditions online education teaches how to create holiday and reunion time capsules for genealogy and reminiscence. Classes include step by step directions on:

  • How to use Zoom.
  • How to record today’s feelings for tomorrow’s reminiscing.
  • How to share an image on Zoom and relive yesteryear’s fun and laughter.
  • Using Gallery View to capture togetherness conversations.
  • Using Speaker View to record individual feelings.
  • How to “interview” older family members to ensure involvement and engagement.
  • Fun activities for young and young at heart to enjoy remotely by Zoom or when physically together.
  • How to improve cherished photo memories.

Vivid-Pix is partnering with Kenyatta D. Berry, Reunions Magazine, DearMYRTLE, and Cousin Russ to provide free, valuable how-to information.  “These tools will help families during the holidays and create time capsules for past and future connectedness,” said Rick Voight, CEO, Vivid-Pix. “By working with reunion and genealogy experts, this education series can be used for virtual reunions and gatherings, as well as creating genealogy interviews and capturing traditions to hand down to future generations.”

As host of the Genealogy Roadshow on PBS, Kenyatta D. Berry has brought genealogy into the homes of millions. “Family stories and oral history is often critical and one of the most enjoyable parts of the genealogy journey. It’s important to interview older family members, close relatives, and family friends. While we are at home, this is a great time to use technology for these interviews, to discover new family stories and share photographs. I hope this education series inspires everyone to create their own time capsule,” described Kenyatta D. Berry. 

DearMYRTLE and Cousin Russ have helped genealogy societies, institutes, and individuals with their research journey through Zoom education. “During this time of social distancing, fun family stories and traditions can be shared and recorded via Zoom. Why not create virtual time capsules and save the recordings for future generations?” said Pat Richley-Erickson, DearMYRTLE. “Photographs, traditions, and reminiscing can be shared, so that these stories that might otherwise be lost can brighten our lives today and enrich the lives of future generations tomorrow.”Edith Wagner, Reunions Magazine’s editor, has been on the frontline of countless events cancelled and postponed. She said, “Reunions and gatherings of all kinds have been upended this year and we don’t know how long it will last. Deprived of physical contact, reunions cleverly found a way to ‘gather’ on Zoom and now you, too, can learn these techniques to assemble your family or group in substitute reunions. Shaking hands, hugs, and kisses will have to wait, but smiles, laughter, and excitement don’t have to!”