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Comply’s Fitting Answer to Loose Earbuds

Comply earfoam tips in action Featured Image

Comply, which touted a new AirPods Pro version of its solution to ill-fitting earbuds at this month’s All-Digital CES ($24.99), says that its products help earbuds stay in no matter what – something that this image of a snowboarder in action readily illustrates.

Comply’s AirPods Pro tips easily fit along with the earbuds in their case

The company says it has found that demand for its noise-isolating memory foam tips has risen appreciably during COVID. What with families working and learning in close proximity, “People are looking for a seal for the ear,” spokesperson Chris Hudson told Dealerscope; he adds that Comply’s foam tips use an enhanced foam formulation that builds around the ear canal’s shape. The premise for their design, according to the company website, is that the ear canal is dynamic, since its shape and opening change as the jaw opens and closes; it also changes with a person’s weight fluctuations, with aging and with the level of hydration, the website goes on to say.

The company produces tips that are compatible with some of the market’s top earphone brands. Moreover, the foam tips are easy to apply, they securely stay put, and they can enable earbuds to be worn all day without discomfort, says Comply.  And the foam tips will fit into wireless earbuds’ charging cases without interfering with the charging process and without the user needing to remove them, once affixed.

Besides their utility in sound isolation during close-quarters living during this pandemic period, “these solve real consumer problems,” Hudson adds, “like losing a $250 earphone when you’re jogging. We’re succeeding in getting our message out on improved in-ear retention.”