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Hisense at CES 2021 Touts U.S. TriChroma Laser TV Innovations

CES21_Hisense_TriChromaLaserTV Fisher Yu, VP
Fisher Yu presents at the Hisense CES press event

Hisense kicked off Media Day at the All-Digital CES 2021 with its announcement of more improvements and an even deeper commitment to its laser TV technology.

Fisher Yu, VP of Hisense and president of Hisense Visual Technology, said the company would launch a full range of TriChroma laser TVs with varying ultra-large screen sizes starting at 75 inches.

The 2020 pandemic and its fostering of stay-at-home habits, he offered, has created a wave of  “people of the screen” consumers who will be on the hunt for larger screen sizes. He reinforced this assertion, saying that Hisense sold over 25 million terminal display products globally in 2020, and maintained what he said was a #1 position in the Chinese market.

Dr. Xinarong Liu, chief scientist of Hisense Laser TV, said the laser TV technology packs and controls separate lasers for purer display colors, with a 128 percent improvement over original RGB color performance in earlier iterations. TriChroma also achieves a 20 percent brightness enhancement at the pixel level, and 430-nit picture brightness, which Hisense says better that of a conventional TV.

Liu remarked that during the pandemic year, laser TV was the only category that showed growth in the Chinese market, moving from niche to mass-market status, and he projected “explosive growth” to come in that category of television, noting that the continual addition of more brand players entering the global the laser TV market.

The latest Hisense laser TV on display during the press event comes with a 100-inch screen, provides a wide viewing angle, and an eye-comfort level that is 20 percent improved over earlier versions, he said. He added that it features an AI smart camera to support karaoke and fitness video immersive interactivity.

“We have high hopes and expectations for the future of this display technology,” he said.

Besides focusing on laser TV, Hisense will also pay attention to the ULED TV side of its business, releasing new models in 2021 with higher refresh rates and dynamic range. The company, which was an official sponsor of the EURO 2020 soccer event, is also planning to bring out a customized version of the EURO 2020 ULED U7 TV series to worldwide soccer fans.