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KONKA Brand Building Moves Forward with KONKASmart Lineup

KONKA CameraView on Konka Android TV_FEATURED IMAGE
The KONKASmart CameraView, displayed on a KONKA Android TV screen

Besides its bold initiative, announced in 2020 for expansion in Spring 2021 into the U.S. TV brand arena with super-large screens, Scott Ramirez, KONKA North America’s senior vice president of sales and marketing, told Dealerscope that the company is moving beyond just establishing itself as a Tier Two bridge brand TV category representing quality, cutting-edge design and value. It has developed a plan to launch into the Smart Home category.

KONKA’s smart home product lineup

At the recent All-Digital CES, the company took the wraps off of its first products in the KONKASmart lineup – 16 models due out in the March-April time frame that will affordably answer most basic smart home needs. Smart home product categories being addressed include smart cameras, video doorbells, smart plugs and smart lighting with smart switches soon to follow.

Ramirez says part of the strategy is to tie together the functionality of the smart home products with KONKA TVs, with the KONKASmart OneApp with IFTTT having been developed as a control hub. “We have a created a one-stop shop opportunity that provides both ease of use and ease of mind,” Ramirez said in the announcement statement, while highlighting the “unique synergy between our smart cameras and Android TVs, creating a great experience for consumer and new merchandising opportunities for retailers.”

All the smart home products, the company says, will use the OneApp, which eliminates switching between apps; additionally, all products work with Google Assistant and Alexa, and everything is Wi-Fi-enabled, which eliminates the need for a hub for interoperability.

The plan to help retailers tell the full KONKA story is to recommend placing smart home products in close proximity to the KONKA TVs’ locations in showrooms. The totality of offerings, put together, “lends itself to many different merchandising opportunities,” Ramirez told Dealerscope. “This is a foot in the door into smart home for a lot of independent retailers,” he added.

KONKA’s initial smart camera offering includes two video doorbells and two smart cameras. Key standard features found in all are 1080p Full HD, night vision, motion detection, live view, 2-way communication (with mic, speaker and audio noise cancellation), 128-bit AES encryption, multiple video playback options including an SD card slot, KONKA’s white with rounded edges family design, and water resistance.

Lineup Details

Here are some more details on the lineup:

The wired KONKA video doorbell replaces an existing traditional doorbell. In addition to all the standard KONKASmart camera features, this model includes a 140-degree diagonal field of view, and camera-based motion detection with motion aones and human detection. The KONKA Anywhere battery-powered video doorbell can be mounted anywhere, including areas that never leant themselves to wired standard doorbells. In addition to all the standard KONKASmart camera features, it includes a 130-degree diagonal field of view, and true PIR motion detection with adjustable sensitivity.

The rechargeable-battery-powered water-resistant KONKA Anywhere Cam smart camera has quick release batteries for easy access, and the camera offers great placement flexibility. In addition to standard KONKASmart camera features, the Anywhere Cam includes a 130-degree diagonal field of view, true PIR motion detection with adjustable sensitivity, and includes a wall mounting bracket. 

The KONKA LED Floodlight Cam combines the key features of the Anywhere Cam with dual LED floodlights that provide 2,200 Lumens. The floodlights are adjustable to match the light coverage to the specific need and are dimmable.  In addition to the mic and speaker for 2-way communication, this model features a built-in 90dB security siren.

KONKA smart plug models include the single-outlet smart plug, the two-outlet smart plug duo, and the four-outlet smart power strip. These three models can be used on their own, or in conjunction with other smart home products.  In addition to working with Google Assistant, Alexa and IFTTT, key features include surge protection, the ability to set timers, and individual outlet control. 

KONKA is also bringing out three smart lighting models.  The focused offering starts with the 60-watt-equivalent A19 and also includes a directional BR30 for use in high hats and a light strip for a variety of applications. In addition to working with Google Assistant, Alexa and IFTTT, key features of these LED lighting models include dimming, tunable white (from warm 2,800 to cool 6.500 Kelvin), and multicolor RGB capability.