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Enclave Audio’s Add-on Wireless CineHome Subwoofers Pump Up the Bass

Enclave Audio 8” CineHome II Add-on Subwoofer (EA-200-SUB-US)
The Enclave 8-inch CineHome II add-on subwoofer can be easily added on to an existing wireless CineHome system in minutes.

Over the past few years, Enclave Audio’s wireless CineHome audio systems have eliminated the most tedious and unsightly aspect of home theater systems—namely, wires—making the appeal of immersive, multi-speaker surround sound more accessible to the clutter- and DIY-averse. Both the CineHome II and the THX Certified CineHome PRO wireless home theater systems can be set up in minutes with a smartphone app, which syncs up with the systems’ built-in WiSA (Wireless Speaker and Audio) technology that communicates between a base station and each audio component.

Both systems were already available in 5.1 configurations, including one subwoofer, but today the company unveiled add-on wireless subwoofers, up to three of which can be added onto either system to enable a 5.4 configuration. A total of four subwoofers can be placed strategically near different seats in a room, enabling a more immersive and bass-thumping experience no matter where viewers are sitting. Set-up is as simple as plugging the subwoofers in, opening up the Enclave CineHub Remote App, and following a few prompts to reset the system.

The two new subwoofers are available in two sizes–the $549 10-inch CineHome PRO Subwoofer (EA-1000-THXSUB-US) and the $399 8-inch CineHome II Subwoofer (EA-200-SUB_US)–and are optimized to work the CineHome PRO and CineHome II systems, respectively.