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Focal’s Clear Mg Headphones are the Epitome of Audio Luxury

Focal Clear Mg

French audio brand, Focal, is back with a brand-new pair of open-back headphones built with the same level of sophistication as its earlier models but with even sharper sound. The Clear Mg headphones represent that latest in the Focal lineup, coming to us after four years in the making.

Focal made sure to preserve the most-loved features of its Clear headphones in the creation of the Clear Mg – like its neutral sound signature and $1490 price point. But the latest rendition takes it a step further with a sound reproduction that is precise and impactful for unbelievably realistic sound. With an impedance of 55 Ohms, Clear Mg can be used with a portable audio player for the same premium listening experience.

The company’s team of engineers paid close attention to the design and materials used in the development of Clear Mg. A Magnesium dome in the shape of an ‘M’ provides lightness and dampening, and is housed in a solid aluminum yoke that molds the listener’s face. The headband is wrapped in genuine leather and microfiber that maintains its constant curve, even as the listener moves their head. Chestnut and Mixed-Metals finishes complement the honeycomb design on the outside of the headphones.

Although Focal says these headphones are more for at-home listening in a quiet environment, they do come with an equally luxurious case with a blend of the same colors to accompany Clear Mg.

The Focal Clear Mg will be available in the US this month.