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Kanto Stands Take its Speaker Sound to the Next Level

Kanto Speaker Stands

My mailman had his work cut out for him the day three sets of Kanto speaker stands arrived at my house. Before I was even able to open the box, I could tell these stands were the types of products that last a lifetime, simply judging by how heavy they felt. As I opened each box, I could see that the design of the products would withstand the test of time as well.

SP6HDW 6” Desktop Stands

Kanto offers two desktop stand options to elevate the look (and sound) of their speakers. The 6” set works well with their YU6 and TUK speakers, or really any 4” to 7” speakers while the 9” set goes best with the their YU2, YU4, or other 3” to 4” speakers. Setup was relatively quick and simple thanks to the detailed instructions and included Allen keys. Once assembled, the heavy steel structure kept my YU speakers grounded and they didn’t feel like they were going to topple over easily. The stands do offer 30 degrees of rotation, but you’ll have to unscrew the top plates to achieve a different angle. Foam feet on the bottom of the stands keep them from sliding and ensure no scuff marks are left on your desk when you need to reposition them. The cords are kept cleverly tucked away in the center of each stand for a cleaner look. The most attractive setup, it seems, is to accompany the elevated speakers with a stand for your desktop as well. Although Kanto doesn’t offer a desktop stand (yet, at least), you can get started on boosting your computer audio with a set of these stands for $60 for the 6” or $80 for the 9”.

The SP Series Floor Stands

The higher and highest speaker stands from Kanto are the SP26 and SP32 floor stands. Both sizes are available in black and white options and feature the same, heavy-duty steel as their desktop counterparts. Tall stands like these are definitely more prone to toppling over if they’re bumped into, but Kanto carefully considered this risk in the design process. Interchangeable spiked and rubber dome feet ensure the stands remain securely in place whether you have carpeted or hardwood flooring. My charging toddler bumped into one of the stands and it started to wobble but it stood firm and didn’t fall down. Just like the desktop stands, the SP Series includes two plates to accommodate different-sized speakers, all of which can support 30 lbs. The 26” set runs for $130 while the 32” set comes in at $140 – both relatively affordable price points for stands of this caliber.

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