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Pangea Audio Celebrates 20 Years with Limited Edition Record Doctor VI

Pangea Audio Record Doctor VI
Pangea Audio's Record Doctor VI in high gloss white.

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the first Record Doctor, Pangea Audio has released a limited edition Record Doctor VI in a high gloss white finish. The audio accessories developer and manufacturer says the refreshed Record Doctor VI will be available beginning in April for $299.95.

“Since its introduction less than two years ago, Record Doctor VI continues to be one of our most successful products,” says Steve Niemi, Director of Global Sales for Pangea Audio, LLC. “Occasionally, our customers ask for finish alternatives, especially white, so we’re offering a limited number of pieces to satisfy these requests.”

The white Record Doctor VI will feature the same high-performance vacuum motor and cleaning strip as before that rivals the most expensive machines on the market. The device remains hand-operated for stability and control for an advanced audiophile-grade record cleaning system.

Some notable changes from the first Record Doctor its most recent rendition are the device’s quiet, cool motor, stain-resistant aluminum top, larger turning knob, and deep-cleaning Clean Sweep fluid applicator brush. Despite these upgrades over the years, the Record Doctor VI kept much of its original design, with a precision roller and a storage tank to remove cleaning fluids.

“The success of the Record Doctor VI is indicative of how music lovers are willing to commit to their love of listening to well-recorded music pressed on vinyl,” added Mr. Niemi. “We’re happy to reward their commitment with a new aesthetic alternative that remains the most efficient and cost-effective way for music lovers to show some love for their favorite vinyl and the gear they use to enjoy it.”

In addition to the new high gloss white finish, the Record Doctor VI will remain available in carbon fiber vinyl and high gloss black.