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Dynaudio Unveils More Affordable Emit Series Speakers

New Dynaudio Emit Series Speakers

The world of hi-fi audio can be daunting to break into given the not-so-subtle price tags attached to premium audio equipment. In order to remedy this issue and provide high-level hi-fi equipment at a much more attainable price point, Danish loudspeaker manufacturer, Dynaudio recently announced the launch of its updated Emit series of speakers

“The beauty of working on a speaker like Emit is that we can use all the trickle-down technology we invented for our most premium speakers,” says Dynaudio Chief Acoustic Specialist Daniel Emonts. “It’s the same men and women working on all the products, so we know exactly how to bring that caliber of performance to people taking their first steps in real high-end hi-fi.” 

Both the Cerotar tweeter, and the high-end drivers found in the Emit series come from Dynaudio’s higher-end Evoke line. Employing a custom airflow magnet and a 28mm aluminum coil, the Cerotar tweeter uses advanced airflow-optimization in its rear chamber, which reduces unwanted resonance behind the coated fabric of its soft-dome diaphragm.  Moreover, the Hexis inner dome on the tweeter controls airflow by smoothing the frequency response for cleaner high-frequency audio. The diaphragms of the drivers are made out of a Dynaudio-developed magnesium silicate polymer, and are bonded directly to the copper-clad, aluminum-wire voice-coil assembly for greater control over their movement. The drivers are powered by a dual-stacked ferrite-ceramic magnet system. Using more magnets gives greater control over the driver’s movement and excursion for more sonic precision. All Emit speakers feature a new dual-flared bass-reflex port that reduces air turbulence and minimizes unwanted ‘chuffing’ with deep notes.   

Starting at $799 dollars per pair for the Emit 10 and ranging up to $2,249 per pair for the Emit 50, these speakers are not the cheapest on the market for hi-fi products; however, they are much more affordable than Dynaudio’s other offerings. The speakers come in three different styles: black, white, or walnut. Each speaker also comes with a black magnetically attached grill.

Founded in 1977 in Skanderborg, Denmark, Dynaudio designs, engineers and manufactures systems for professional studios, as well as car audio and home hi-fi and consumer loudspeaker products. Dynaudio provides sound systems for car manufacturers such as Volvo, Volkswagen, and Bugatti.