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HP Presence Aims to Make Hybrid Meetings More Effective

A meeting taking place in the HP Presence Meeting Space

HP Inc this week introduced HP Presence, a new suite of hardware and software products to help hybrid workers feel connected, even if they aren’t in the same room. As HP Inc Global Head of Commercial Systems and Display Solutions Andy Rhodes said in a press release: “HP Presence fits the work world of yesterday, the world of today, and is future-proofed for tomorrow’s collaboration needs, so no matter where you work, no thoughts are left behind.”

The centerpiece of the new line is HP Presence Meeting Space Solutions, which is a bundled kit of  hardware and software for physical meeting spaces that need to be used for hybrid work scenarios. HP Presence Meeting Space Solutions are available in small, medium, or large space kits and if none of those sizes are satisfactory, custom scalable sizes are available.

Each kit comes with the HP Presence Mini PC, an HP Presence Control Center, color-coded cables, and mounting equipment. Other components that can be purchased for the HP Presence Meeting Space Solutions kit are the HP Presence Mini Conferencing PC with HP Wolf Security, HP Presence See 4K AI Camera, HP Presence Audio Video Bar, HP Presence Hub, HP Presence Talk Satellite Microphones, HP Presence Control and Control Plus Intelligent room controls.

A display of devices that come with the HP Presence Meeting Space.
HP Presence Meeting Space Solutions Components
8 HP Presence See 4K AI Cameras in different angles showing how the camera can be rotated
8 HP Presence See 4K AI Camera Hero Front Left Rotation Sequence

AI-based software enhances many features in HP Presence. When someone enters a meeting room, for example, the motion-sensitive HP Meeting Ready feature wakes up the room controls and cameras, eliminating the need to wait for each and every devices to turn on. Start a Zoom or Microsoft Teams meeting in seconds with the one tap-to-launch control. Users can move freely and still be heard clearly thanks to the HP Speakers’ three audio tracking modes, slow, cinema, and fast. Also nifty: The Clear Voice technology uses AI that has been trained to listen for muffled voices and then enhance them, which makes it easier to hear co-workers who are wearing masks.

A person having a video conference while using the HP EliteOne 800 G8 All-in-One PC Workspace.
HP EliteOne 800 G8 All-in-One PC Workspace

The HP Presence Small Space solutions will be available in February 2022 and the medium and large sizes will be available in Spring 2022. Prices will be released closer to availability dates.