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Lowel EGO LED Light Elevates Your Video Calls

Lowel EGO LED Light
The Lowel EGO LED light not only improves your look in video calls, it also fits in nicely with your home decor.

Working from home might have made it apparent to you that the lighting inside your house is not ideal for video conferencing. Maybe it’s that you’re not being seen clearly on a video call, even though all lights around you are on, or the light only focuses on your bad side. The window might be your main source of daytime illumination, but sunlight isn’t there at night or during bad weather. But who wants unsightly lighting systems in the middle of their home offices or living rooms? The new Lowel EGO LED Light might be just the solution. It not only helps give you the perfect illumination by creating a beautiful, diffused soft light that hides blemishes and imperfections to make everything look better, but also doubles as a table light with a modern, compact, and curved square design that helps it blend in with home décor. The EGO’s soft output also makes it ideal for filming moving content in which people are performing, as well as for stationary content like a photo shoot. It’s also instantly ready to provide pleasing lighting for today’s frequent streaming and teleconferencing.

Lowel EGO LED Light

One of the best features of this light is its portability. The EGO LED weighs three pounds and measures 17 3/8” x 17” x 3 1/2″, making it easy to pick up and move. Setup for the EGO LED is simple: No assembly is required; just plug it in and you are ready to go. The fixture’s self-contained industrial design includes four feet for stand-alone use as well as a ¼-20-3/8” stand adapter (standard screw for monopods, tripods, and light stands), which allows the Lowel EGO LED to be fixed onto a tabletop tripod, floor-standing tripod, or light stand to elevate the light source. Now the light source can be even or higher than face level. Regular lightbulbs only offer one color and intensity of light, but with EGO LED, you have more control. On the back, dual rotary knobs let users intuitively adjust color and flicker-free dimming. If the light source is too bright and hurts your eyes, then just use the dimmer to give a softer glow to yourself or any other object being filmed or photographed.

The EGO LED has a color temperature range of 2700-6300°K, making you look more flattering under the soft light. You can choose if you want a light source with more warm light or subtle cool-toned light. EGO LED also offers flattering bi-color output that can be dialed up or down to match the environment. Measured at one-meter full strength, the fixture outputs 774 lux (72-foot candles) daylight and 665 lux (62-foot candles) tungsten color temperature. Normal lights start to get hot after, but thanks to the LED technology, EGO Lights have low heat emission.

Photographers can elevate their portraiture and still life work. Image creation for product photography, selling, collecting and archiving just got that much easier. This light can help multiple people from beginner-level videographers, streamers, content creators, and producers have professional and clean videos.

The Lowel EGO LED ships fully assembled and comes with US, UK, and EU power cables, making it ready to plug in to go almost anywhere. Whether it be for video or photos, lighting is important to see what is being captured.  The Lowel EGO LED starts at $199 and is available now directly from Tiffen.