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How WiSA Makes the Wireless Home Audio Dream Come True

New WiSA Technologies website

The Wireless Speaker and Audio Association (WiSA) has made great inroads over the past few years addressing the holy grail that is seamless and authentic wireless high-res, multi-channel audio. Its WiSA wireless home audio standard in home theater speakers and components is going a long way towards eliminating the cable clutter and involved wiring that so many home theater systems have required for so many years.

WiSA President Tony Ostrom
WiSA President Tony Ostrom

Now, WiSA is going beyond its WiSA-ready certification process to manufacture its own WiSA-branded products, as well as a new WiSA Discovery four-channel audio capability to join the existing eight-channel audio. These new technologies and products fall under the recently-launched WiSA Technologies brand, which is outlined on a new website.

In the latest episode of the Dealerscope podcast, I spoke with WiSA President Tony Ostrom about everything from WiSA basics and points of differentiation from other wireless standards to the new products and technologies under the WiSA Technologies brands. We also spoke about how WiSA Technologies works with retailers on how to market, explain, and sell WiSA-certified products.

Listen to the podcast below, or download it here.