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Introducing the World’s First Earbud with Lossless Audio

The NuraTrue Pro, the second-generation wireless earbuds joining Nura’s award-winning product family, is debuting with CD-quality, lossless audio over Bluetooth via Qualcomm aptXTM Lossless. Along with Nura’s patented Personalized Sound technology, the NuraTrue Pro includes Spatial Audio (powered by Dirac) and improved Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation. NuraTrue Pro is available to pre-order on Kickstarter starting today and will launch later this year. 

‘We’re living in a time where Bluetooth technology has matured to the point where we no longer need to make compromises to sound quality due to wireless bandwidth limitations,” said Dr. Luke Campbell, Nura’s CEO and co-founder. “As such, we’ve adopted a ‘no compromise’ design philosophy with the NuraTrue Pro, which applies to all aspects of the product, from audio performance through to product design and user experience. With  the NuraTrue Pro, we deliver an experience that typically requires expensive enthusiast-grade gear to achieve, with the convenience provided by the True Wireless form factor that everyone has come to know and love over the past few years.”

Because it is not limited by wireless transmission bottlenecks, the NuraTrue Pro supports CD-quality lossless audio (16-bit, 44.1 kHz) over Bluetooth via Qualcomm aptXTM Lossless for uncompressed, bit-perfect audio fidelity that usually requires expensive, high-end enthusiast-grade equipment to reproduce. Other features include multi-point Bluetooth connections, four microphones including a bone conduction sensor to improve voice calls and a charging case that reduces charging time by 50 percent.

The NuraTrue Pro will retail for $329 USD, but is available now to order on Kickstarter, with Super Early Bird discounts starting at $199 USD.