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Sony A95K Crowned the King of 4K TVs

Day one of the TV Shootout© has come to an end. Today, judges spent hours inspecting details of this year’s best 4K televisions, picking apart colorization, pixelation, contrast, brightness and other technical features. Upon the completion of their inspection, the judges gathered, voted, tallied those votes and have announced the winners of the 4K TV awards, including the coveted King of 4K TVs© award.

The Sony A95K has been crowned by the judges as 2022’s King of 4K TVs©. That means that, considering all technical features of each of the competition’s televisions, the judges decided the Sony A95K is the best and most well-rounded product in the 4K TV competition. Expect to see this award promoted on the product’s packaging this fall season.

There are also three subcategories that the judges decide upon. The awards are for Best 4K Living Room TV (SDR Day Mode), Best 4K Home Theater TV (SDR Reference Mode) and Best 4K HDR TV (HDR Reference Mode). Interestingly enough, the Sony A95K swept all three categories, although LG and Samsung gave it fierce competition through and through. The voting was extremely consistent among the judges.

Stay tuned for coverage of tomorrow’s 8K TV awards!

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