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The 2022 TV Shootout Has Begun — Watch Live

This year’s TV Shootout © televisions have been introduced and the judges have started their deliberations. Today is focused on this year’s latest and greatest 4K TVs, and the competition is sure to be tough, as each product is not without its own merits and strengths. As Robert Zohn of Value Electronics said in his introduction to today’s event, “It’s hard to pick a winner. They’re all winners.”

The products presented for competition are the Samsung QN65S95B, the Sony XR65A95K, the LG OLED65G2PUA, the Sony XR65X95K and the Samsung QN65QN95B. Each of these TVs are 4K quality, although they do not all consist of the same display tech. The Samsung QN65S95B, Sony XR65A95K and LG OLED65G2PUA are all OLED televisions, but the Sony XR65X95K is Mini Led and the Samsung QN65QN95B is QLED. There is variation in product cost as well.

The judges will grant awards based on technical and visual criteria. The awards consist of the King of 4K TVs award, Best 4K Living Room TV (SDR Day Mode), Best 4K Home Theater TV (SDR Reference Mode) and Best 4K HDR TV (HDR Reference Mode). Awards will be announced later this evening.

Visit the Dealerscope homepage to watch a livestream of the 2022 TV Shootout © as the judges continue their deliberations.

Special thanks to Sony, LG, MetraAV and Austere for sponsoring the event and to Robert Zohn of Value Electronics for hosting!