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TV Shootout’s Best 4K High Dynamic Range Television Award

The judges have granted the 2022 TV Shootout© award for Best 4K HDR TV (HDR Reference Mode) to the Sony A95K. 

HDR, or High Dynamic Range, is the next phase in color and realistic picture quality in home televisions. HDR allows for greater clarity and contrast than SDR. When testing for this Reference Mode setting, the judges prevented any outside light from entering the viewing space, essentially blacking out the room. Doing so made for a very theatrical experience, with the TVs on display shining brightly in the dark room.

After inspections of multiple video samples in this setting, the judges voted and decided that the Sony A95K is the best of today’s 4K TV selection for those in need of a product with HDR. The Sony A95K is a great product for those interested in having access to next-generation picture quality and clarity, as well as those who are interested in creating a strong home theater experience.

See the Dealerscope homepage for more TV Shootout news and award updates. Tomorrow, the judges will focus on this year’s 8K competition.

Thanks to the TV Shootout’s sponsors, Sony, LG, IFA, Austere and Metra AV!

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