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Logitech Announces a New Open-Ear VR Headset

Yesterday, TikTok made developments in the e-commerce space by announcing an ad suite that the company is calling “Shopping Ads” that will streamline the advertising experience for brands interested in expanding their audience on the social media platform. The announcement also revealed the immense impact that TikTok ads have on consumers, saying that 56 percent of users say TikTok advertisements guide them to new brands or products. There are currently three advertising formats that TikTok is testing: Live Shopping Ads, Catalog Listing Ads and Video Shopping Ads. 

In other news, Logitech has announced an audio accessory designed for use with the Meta Quest 2 VR headset called the Chorus. The headphones are open-back and sit slightly off users’ ears to allow them to be more aware of their surroundings and reality. While some may prefer a more fully-immersive VR setting, the Chorus headset makes for a safer and less closed-off experience. The headset slides on and off the Meta Quest’s straps and the speakers are adjustable to best fit the users’ ears. The Chorus will cost $99. 

Finally, on the gaming front, news broke this week that Alienware will be releasing a new pair of gaming monitors in the fall. One is a 25-in. monitor with a refresh rate of 360Hz that’s releasing on Sept. 7 and the other is a 27-in. Quad HD monitor with overclocking capabilities that can reach 280Hz that is releasing on Oct. 6. One of the neat features of these monitors are sliding headset stands that clear up space on users’ gaming desks, though there are a number of selling points that gamers will be excited about. 


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